Saturday, January 16, 2021 4:31:00 AM

Can wearing rudrakha help in overcoming problems in life?

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Hello listeners! I am facing a problem from past few years i.e, whenever i plan n try to proceed accordingly i face problem in even doing simple things which any  person other than me could perform very easily! Someone told me this is due to the problem in my rashi or you can say it as a "dosh". So, i would actually want to know that if wearing rudrakha would cause any impact to it or not?
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Sir, if we see this from a sppiritual person's view then -we all are same and have same opportunity and same options in life. And we have same capabilities. We feel the problem because we see it negatively.

Rudraksha wearing may not bring miracles. But surely it will change ur view to positives and will keep you more cool. This makes the wearer more happier and content. And from that feeling, there will be surely good results as you will be perfectly positve to see ur goals. Please go ahead and wear rudraksha as it will help you to see the wayu which can solve the problem.
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I agree with the views of Mr. Himanshu here.

Rudraksha will bring a change in you. And then you will be the person making changes in your fate.

We have seen from many of the wearer's experience that they feel they get out of the problem after wearing rudraksha.

And many times they explain that they get more better opportunity to solve their issues after wearing rudraksha.

So to say "Rudraksha wearing will bring better judgement within the wearer and he will be able to find better solutions to his existing problems". There may be many different types of problems including health issues and diseases. Rudraksha wearing will slowly increase your level to a higher one from the existing/current level.