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Does rudraksha gives rudrahood after death

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I came across few topics online and have read them like one will get rudrahood if he wears rudraksha.
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Rudrahood means becoming the rudra himself. In other words "Becoming one with the rudra".

The term is a spiritual term and is described in shiva puran as "The wearer of rudraksha attains rudrahood".

The above word means "One becomes one with rudra and he dissolves with the Shiva after he passes from this material world".
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On the third chapter of book ( 11th ) - from the famous Devi Bhagavata, there are mentioning about Rudrahood.

As per the book " During the time of one's life end time, If he is wearing Rudraksha, And that time his life goes out from the body, He will attain Rudrahood. He does not take birth again on this material world. So anybody who keeps devotion to the lord and wears the rudraksha necklace while dieing he will attain Rudrahood. So One should always wear rudraksha beads"

And to the funny side " We do not have any physical experience on this. Why ? We have to go out of this world to understand what happens after this life :) "
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Rudra is shown as calm peaceful meditating. By wearing rudraksha, once gets similar capabilities which increases the chances of getting better meditation.