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interested in wearing rudrakha mala but i have problem in both Jupiter and Saturn

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I  am interested in wearing rudrakha mala but i have problem in both Jupiter and Saturn in my horoscope which mukhi rudrakha will you prefer me to wear and were do i get it from?
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From astrological point of view, Rudraksha is worn for neutralizing the problems that is concerning us ( problems that is related to particular planet in our Horoscope ).

And choosing right rudraksha should be a mix of "What is required" and "What you think is the cause of the problem".

For Saturn You can wear 14 mukhi rudraksha with few six mukhi rudraksha beads.

For Jupiter You can wear few 5 mukhi rudraksha along with 3 mukhi rudraksha.
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You can wear many 5 mukhi rudraksha beads along with few 7 mukhi rudraksha for Saturn and Jupiter combined issues. Ganesha rudraksha also helps a lot in neutralizing the despair that comes out from such situations.
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It will be better if u ask for the astrological recommendation by giving your birth details. Please apply for free rudraksha recommendation. Please go through the link and put in all your details and submit the form. After our astrologer sees the details, he will send the rudraksha recommendation based on your jatakam/Kundali.
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You can also go for 12 mukhi rudraksha. Wear 13 beads of Indonesian 12 mukhi rudraksha. This will bring confidence, will bring determination in all your decisions. You wear it on your right hand as a bracelet with the direction of the beads