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Cracks on my Rudraksha bead. Should i wear it or not ?

11 years ago
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Hi, I have been wearing 3 beads of rudraksha from few days. I saw that one of the bead looks being slightly cracked. The crack is very minute and looks like hair thin crack at the mouth of the bead. May be the cracks were there when i purchased the bead and i had not noticed that. I can feel the beads still working for me and i get good feelings after the day i am wearing. Still i am confused on this cracks on the bead. Should i remove the bead or should i keep on wearing this.

11 years ago
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There are few reasons for getting cracks on rudraksha beads

1. Natural cracks initially with the bead - We generally see these small cracks on the beads. These beads used to be the matured beads. And the cracks generally seen on most of the beads of 4 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 6 mukhi, 7 mukhi rudraksha beads. These beads are seen getting cracks of very thin line at the mouth of the beads. The cracks are visible only when the bead is properly clean. Otherwise the cracks are not noticeable. It is perfectly acceptable to wear these beads.

2. Cracks due to dryness with the bead - If we keep the bead for a longer time then the beads are seen getting few cracks when the bead is dry for a longer time. These cracks are used to be wide and within few days the cracks grow and very noticeable. As these cracks have bigger lines, so we generally stop wearing these beads considering that the beads have no use.
11 years ago
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From our personal experience, we have seen that most of the clean and matured beads get thin cracks after few days of storage. And sometimes it actually gets bigger cracks too. I can point out that wearing the beads with small cracks are fine as that comes automatically.

And we have understanding that, the beads will be good if kept with oil. Yes that is true to some extent. Say we keep some beads in oil for 2 days and then take them out and store it. Now there is no guarantee that the  beads won't get cracks now. It will still get cracks. The difference is - After putting in oil, the cracks that come are more thinner. But it always comes.

The higher mukhi beads like 8 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 9 mukhi, 10 mukhi, 11 mukhi, 12 mukhi , 14 mukhi and so like also get cracks. And it is completely safe to wear these with small crack lines.

When we wear the beads continuously, there is lesser chance that the beads will get cracks early. Actually as the beads are worn so they are actually being used and do not get cracks early. But if the beads are really big/matured then definitely there will be slight cracks although it will not be visible because that will have some deposits.
3 years ago
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I have one quary, I was gifted Ek mukhi round Rudraksh which has Sign of "OM" and Trishul on it. Some one gifted me on Guru Purnima and I was very happy. on Guru Purnima Some Old age person came to my dream and when I woke up I got Rudraksh. Today Early morning I had one scary dream dream of some, I woke up at same time and was normal to task, had bath and completed my Puja, but found this Rudraksh completly cracked.
I am so attached with it, I feel blessed by this Rudraksh, Please let me know how you cure it, I want this to be in fine condition.
Some one have told me to bind it with red thread and put it into Mustard oil, he told me that this Rudraksh has lots of energy and can be cure by it self.
Please guide me.