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Digestion cure with rudraksha is possible or there are any suggestion on this

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My father have bad stomach issues and he has digestion problem to the concern. He has been advised to take light food and non oily type of food which can be easily digested. He is having diabetes and other old age related concerns.

does rudraksha can bring some relief in digestion problem. I heard that rudraksha therapy with water can be applied for good control over blood related issues. I tested this and found effective with my father. But rudraksha water therapy has no effect or positive changes for the digestion problem of my father.
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Ailments of Stomach are very common. It has been affecting a lot of people every day.

And For sure both men and women get this issue. You can read about common digestive problem online.

There are a lot of articles describing the issue and the solutions .

Astrological View of digestion:

   We can analyze from astrological view. Venus is mostly related to digestion and all indigestion related issues. It directly affects the metabolism which controls and flows the food within.

  Sun as a planet from astrology point of view, affects the bowel system. It affects the person for bad bowel and indigestion.

Rudraksha for digestion:

  Six mukhi rudraksha is very helpful for digestion issues.

  12 mukhi rudraksha can also be worn with 6 mukhi rudraksha for indigestion.
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Rudraksha definitely brings better digestion.

Just remember that rudraksha affects your thoughts and hence brings better control over food habits.

We have a product for digestion problem.

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One of our astrologer friend has pointed out that - When ratna / specious stones are worn after proper analysis of birth chart, then the digestion problems are eased. These were tested multiple times by him.