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13 mukhi rudraksha purpose of wearing and do we need it if studying chemistry

12 years ago
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Hi All

   The rudraksha is a wonderful thing that i have ever come across. I have been wearing different rudraksha beads in a rosary format. I have been planning to add one 13 mukhi rudraksha to my rosary.

   What is the real purpose of wearing 13 mukhi rudraksha.

   I am into chemistry related research work. Does it help me in anyway.

12 years ago
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[url=/13-mukhi-rudraksha-bead]13 mukhi rudraksha[/url] is helpful for muscle dystrophy.

What is the meaning of muscle dystrophy ?
    Muscle dystrophy is a disease. With this the body muscles become weaker. The primary issue is it gets weaker with time. And there can be cases where it stops working too.

Purpose of wearing thirteen mukhi ?
   It is a very powerful bead which can fulfill all the desires. Very useful for bringing good meditation and concentration to the wearer.

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12 years ago
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This terah mukhi rudrakhi gives eight siddhies. On wearing this bead, The Indra is pleased.

The richness is brought slowly to the wearer.

Fulfills all your desires by wearing rudraksha.

This bead is very helpful to people who have been in chemistry study.

Or for all chemistry related research it is the most suitable bead.

Yes for you, as you are already into chemistry related subjects, this bead will give you higher studies and better accomplishments in your career.

The bead should be worn only after doing proper puja and mantra for rudraksha.

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