Monday, June 21, 2021 12:46:55 AM

Rudraksha Rotation

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From what I have read if an authentic Rudraksha  mala rotating counter clockwise over an object indicates negative prana is this always the case ? I test mine  over water stored in a copper vassal and it rotates counter clockwise I am surprised as water kept in a copper container should have positive energy.
Does anyone have any insight into this ?
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my personal opinion - The rotation of rudraksha is due to magnetic field. Here probably we talk about electro magnetic field. The beads have some amount of magnetic type power. And where ever there is some influence, the beads may show some behaviours. It is difficult to prove why and what.
And the positive power is always good ? Or the negative power is always bad? The balance is the thing that we require. Not the positive and negative. The bead that we are wearing should balance the wearer's power.
My opinion may be completely not making sense. Just a personal opinion.
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Thanks for you reply you have raised some interesting points that should be considered
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I understand the beads get affected by the prana sakti of the person doing the test.
sometimes i feel the same test reverses when other person does the test.

And some times it is same result when done by different persons.

I felt, the power of the beads are enhanced or decreased by the person wearing or holding. And the beads behave according to that.

I understand, the beads do not or may not have positive or negative energy. But when comes into contact with person/wearer, it becomes active/inactive by showing some behavior.

And while testing the effect/ result is not always the same. Sometimes it shows different result after some months passed ( needs to be verified by testing more).

Om namah shivaya
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Thank you for your insight into this
what is interesting is that I have started to use the Mala on a regular basis and now when testing it does now rotate clockwise over water which lead me to believe the Rudraksha beads are authentic

Om namah shivaya