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Rudraksha in Singapore

11 years ago
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Dear sir

   I stay in Singapore. I have been wondering how to order rudraksha. I see that most of the sellers of rudraksha beads stay in India. And there are none in Singapore.

  My question is : How do u ship your products to Singapore. Do u use any courier to ship it here. Will it be safe if i order online to here. How much does you charge as shipping to Singapore.

11 years ago
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Singapore customers have been placing orders of rudraksha from Indian websites. We see that many customers are satisfied with the cheap shipping charges that is applicable to all products to be shipped.

Ommrudraksha has a flat shipping charge of 441/- INR. So you can order any numbers and any amount of products from Ommrudraksha and pay only 441/- as shipping charge.

It takes nearly 1 week to reach Singapore. Singapore is very near and will connected. Mostly it takes 5 days to reach our shipping there.

Refer the shipping charge to Singapore page for more information on international shipping charges.
11 years ago
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You can order rudraksha from our website online. Just register and check out the products needed.

Then go though the payment process to pay for the products online.

Once your payment and order is confirmed, you will get appropriate emails confirming the same.

And then we will ship your products after energizing them.
11 years ago
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We always use EMS / Speed post as our shipping partner.

We do not use any other courier to ship products to Singapore.