Monday, January 24, 2022 11:40:33 PM

Singapore shipping cost on rudraksha

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I was going through the website It was nicely designed with all the rudraksha related information at right place. Good work on that.

I stay in Singapore. I was searching for shipping cost to Singapore and the lead time that it takes to reach to Singapore.
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Thanks for posting the valuable question applicable for all Singapore customers.

We currently use EMS post to ship all our parcels to Singapore.

It takes nearly 5 days to reach Singapore.

We have a flat EMS post charge of 441 INR for postage and handling.

The amount of shipping charge is dynamically calculated based on your shipping country and adds to your existing total order amount.
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We have free shipping offers for orders above 5000 INR. So please order above 5000 INR and get free shipping to Singapore.