Rudraksha beads Should be bought from which stores online in India ?

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I want to buy rudraksha online and am getting confused about the genuine stores from where i can buy.

Also there are many types of beads there which makes doubt on which one to be bought.

I understood that there can be Indonesian rudraksha and also from Nepal and other origin.

I am confused about the online stores. Which all stores i can go for buying the beads in India.
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You are right. There are different varieties of rudraksha beads.

And because of variety it is difficult to access the difference between the beads.

And again the confusion comes because many people out there selling different varieties.

The sellers definitely do not know clear difference between different varieties of rudraksha.

Say for example, the sellers are not clear how much difference that the Nepali beads work compared to same in Indonesian beads.

The sellers know how to sell them - This applies to all sellers.

There are many people having real experience in choosing the proper rudraksha.

You can definitely choose Nepali rudraksha and forget about all other type of beads.

Nepali rudraksha is for sure the best rudraksha and also satisfies all the criteria that is described in Shiva puran.
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While buying rudraksha onlinr you should be cwreful.

You can call the store support and confirm before buying.

Or you can see who all stores have been able to have good will to buy from.

If you are confused about whether to buy nepali or java beads then you can first ask to some experienced people before taking any step.
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I have a rudraksha tree at my home place. I get many rudraksha beads every year. If anyone wishes then i can provide them free of cost.

But still i personally may not be able to verify the genuine rudraksh, But i can provide some information.

Really it is difficult to know the genuineness of the rudrakshas. These are like the precious stones e.g. Gem stones.

5 mukhi rudraksha is available much more in quantity. I feel it can be brought from any seller.

4 mukhi and 6 mukhi rudraksh should also be bought from most of the sellers without doubt.

If u are looking for the particular color, particular quality then that differentiation is difficult.

You can go to some experienced priest local to your place and get his experience on this.

Reputable stores on rudraksha means ?