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How to use rudraksha mala that i brought with 108 beads

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I read many more topics and learn about it from the TV commercials too.

I had gone ahead and bought 108 beads of 5 mukhi rudraksha mala.

It is very huge and big enough.

Please help me to understand - How to use rudraksha mala that i bought.

How do i use this.

Will there be any specific schedule or timings of wearing that i need to follow ?
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As you have bought the 108 beads mala of 5 mukhi nepali rudraksha, it should have been bigger in size.

The bigger mala is ok to be worn while you are at home.

And because of the large size, it is virtually not possible to wear at your work place.

But do not worry about that, if u wear for few hours at home, then also it is sufficient for the whole day.

Wear it after you taken bath in the morning. Better to do meditation  and japam with the mala.

It will be more concentrating when doing japam and meditation with 108 beads of rudraksha beads.
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Wear it daily in the morning after bath.

The 108 beads mala is very auspicious and works much better.

You need to make two rounds of the long mala for a easy wearing.
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We have seen that the Brahmans used to wear the rosaries. Mostly it is seen that they wear it in numbers of 108 beads.

If your beads are smaller and daily wearable, then you can always wear it after taking bath and remove it before going to sleep.

The 108 beads rosary is also used by the Buddhists in India and Tibet.

Now many of the religions wear malas consisting of 108 beads.

The worship of lord Shiva is better done with this type of mala.

Wear it and enjoy goodness of it.
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I always chat with the local priest. I find that he used to wear one long rudraksha mala.

He tells it should be used for chanting purpose and prayer purpose.

Daily you can just chant with the mala. Just count the chantings when you pass each bead on the rudraksha rosary.

Also the benefits of the rosary multi - folds when it is worn around your neck. Wear it daily at least 2-3 hours.