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Rudraksha power - The hidden power of the bead

12 years ago
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I read on rudraksha online shop regarding the powers and the benefits of wearing rudraksha beads.

I would like to find some real experiences being shared on the real power of the bead.

What all positive powers of rudraksha beads are really felt by the wearer ?
12 years ago
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I would like to discuss and share few words on the power of the beads.

In the book of Maha Puran - Srimad Devi Bhagabatam

It is mentioned as


According to the purans, The most precious jewel is rudraksha rosary.

It is a true blessing from Lord Shiva for all devotees.

All malefic effects or influences from the planets are neutralized after wearing rudraksha.

One such mala is enough to keep the wearer free of fears. all type of diseases and fear slowly go off.

Wearing on neck is preferable and helps to remove all sins.
12 years ago
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We have seen many Hindu devotees or sages and Buddhist monks or devotees wear different such beads so that they can get extra spiritual benefit or a cool mind.

Currently many people around the world have been using rudraksha because they have many physical and mental tensions. These rudraksha beads are the most helpful for keep the focus and keeping concentration while removing the tensions.
5 years ago
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Each Rudraksha has one of a kind properties and distinctive power from different dabs. Every ha various gods living in it relying on the essences of the Bead. In the event that the Rudraksha gained is a Genuine Bead of good quality and it is appropriately blesses and stimulated with old system of thorough Mantra recitation and Hawan. It must be than securely reach to the individual who expects to wear himself. The power is to be than kept up by the individual himself following normal reciting of Rudraksha Mantra and rehearsing standard Hawan.Perfect for Body, Mind and otherworldly gains: Rudraksha inspires control in the body, which battles against infections consequently improving by and large wellbeing. According to Ayurveda, Rudraksha fortifies the body constitutions. It expels the blood debasements and reinforces the body substance. It expels the microscopic organisms inside just as outside the Human Body. Rudraksha evacuates the cerebral pain, hack, loss of motion, and circulatory strain, coronary illness and maternity issues. Wearing of Rudraksha expedites shine the face, which results in quiet and beguiling character. Rudraksha rosary is utilized for Japa. The procedure of Japa expands otherworldly power and fearlessness to move in multi heading of life. Along these lines,
5 years ago
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Intensity of Rudraksha : Our antiquated sacred texts notice that sound, move, discourse are various types of nature through which our reality has showed brutal structure. Ruler shiva speaks to a power or shakti which consolidates all these three vitality forms.Tear drops from the eyes of Lord shiva the best master of Hindu pantheon fell on Earth and after that the Rudraksha tree was brought into the world proving to be fruitful which favored humankind for eternity. It is the combination of His tears and Prakriti (Shakti/Nature) that made enchantment and baffling charm.

It is regular learning and conviction that Rudraksha are amazing and divine However, there were inquiries on what to wear, how to wear and genuinity of Rudraksha, which has been in uncertainty till Kamal N Seetha established Rudra Center in the year 1998 to give answers to different questions and turned into the most confided in name in the realm of Rudraksha. With its sole mission to destroy torment and enduring different mixes have been contrived by him following quite a while of research and numerous individuals have been profited by different backgrounds. Saraswati Bandh has profited understudies; Swasthya Bandh has been valuable for general wellbeing issue. Industrialists have been profited by wearing a 14 mukhi Rudraksha which improves the instinctive power and basic leadership. 12 mukhi speaking to the Sun is helpful for senior officials and agents for name/acclaim and authoritative development.