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9 mukhi rudraksha - what are the astrological benefits ?

12 years ago
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I recently bought one 9 mukhi rudraksha from the rudraksha online shop.

I found that the bead is little oval in shape.

Also the bead has many health benefits for wearer as i read from the website.

I wanted to know what all planets are directly related to 9 mukhi rudraksha.

Will it ease the issues related to some planets.

Can i wear it instead of any precious ratna stone.
12 years ago
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9 mukhi rudraksha represents vairav.
It can be slighly oval in size or can also be evenly oval like that of 8 mukhi rudraksha.
It has much power to bring fearlessness within the wearer.
It can also be called as courage rudraksha.
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12 years ago
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The ruling planet for 9 mukhi rudraksha is Ketu.

It is a shadow planet and is compared to Planet rahu in astrology.

The special powers of this bead will ease the bad effects of ketu and is beneficial for all ketu related issues or diseases.

When ketu is negative in one's kundali, then diseases of skin, body pain, fever, lung etc comes.

And this rudraksha keeps these problems at lowest possible.

There is another specialty  about wearing rules of this rudraksha. It can be worn on hands for better result.
12 years ago
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This 9 face bead has capability to condone all the sins.

If the wearer has committed some sin in conscience then he is purified after wearing this rudraksha.

After wearing this bead i felt that i have become stress free and have got a fearless mind. Also i became self confident.
12 years ago
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9 mukhi is for all type of fears.

For all those who get fear or get tensed with a fearful mind.

For the old people who get too much worries about their child's well being or all that similar situations.

For people who get fear when they go up or down the stairs. And also for similar issues.
12 years ago
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This bead symbolizes Mata Durga. The ruling planet is Ketu. The ruling god for this bead is Nav Durga.

Better to be worn on Monday. It is highly recommended for backache.

After wearing this bead, wearer feels a sense of confidence with himself. Also fearless life for the wearer continues.
11 years ago
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Benefits of wearing nine mukhi

     It protects the wearer from untimely death. Also removes the fear and tension from the mind.

Who should wear nine mukhi rudraksh

     It can be worn by all those persons having fear of any kind. People having fear of death should definitely wear this bead. It is recommended for housewife to wear this bead.
11 years ago
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9 mukhi is very good.

You need to wear it for many of the day of day causes. I will recommend that all should wear 9 mukhi rudraksha.

The powers and the feelings after wearing 9 mukhi rudraksha are much better.

I remember some of the benefits of 9 mukhi rudraksha from astrological point of view. I am writing few as below.

Symbol of : Goddess Durga
Ruling Planet : Ketu
Ruling God : Nav Durga
Day of wearing : Monday
Recommended for : Body pain/Backache
Influence on body organ : Hypothalamus, Limbic system
11 years ago
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God bless you.