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Difference with tulsi mala and rudraksha mala ?

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I read some topics on tulsi mala. I understand that it is used for spiritual purpose. I saw that rudraksha can also be used for the same purpose. I see that most websites referring to tulsi mala and rudraksha mala combined. I am eager to know whether tulsi mala and rudraksha mala can be used as same. Both are same and have same benefits on wearing ?
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Rudraksha mala is very auspicious and particularly related directly to lord shiva. Lord shiva is the same god with different thought towards the world. Rudraksha mala gives a fearless life and towards a disease less life So that individual can think the world like the lord shiva thinks.
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Tulsi mala has a good purpose of wearing. Spiritually it is dedicated to lord Vishnu and brings vaishnavatswa on wearing. It gives you a cool mind and cool body.
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Rudraksha brings lots of luck and good positive thought , when properly used and properly worn with proper process. And It wards off all evil thoughts and deed effect of the bad / evil times. Tulsi is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Both are not same and equivalent. Both have different purpose and have different benefits on wearing.
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As per my personal experience, i have seen that tulsi mala are generally worn by all people who are devoted to lord Vishnu. Possibly because it represents Lakshmi, who is Patni of Lord vishnu, so for getting blessings of Lord vishnu is essential with Tulashi mala.
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From the point of view of spiritualism, the both beads are having same type of work. May be having different level of power. The purpose is same for enhancing our spiritual power.
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Tulsi is having a lot of medicinal properties. The tulsi plant as a whole can be consumed for different medical benefits. Just any part of the plant you take, it will have good health benefits on consumption.

And similarly the beads made from this holy plant have many many benefits. It brings same type of health benefits while wearing.