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Removing headache issues

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Hello concerned sir, I have been suffering from headache issues from very long time. I get frequent headaches. I feel really restless and give up my work when it starts. It is really an annoying issue with me. I want to get rid of head ache. How to get rid of headache with use of rudraksha ?
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Head ache has been a issue because of over tension and pressure. Now a days mostly people work in environments where there is tremendous pressure to execute their work. And because of these environments, mostly people are exhausted and at times over exhausted. This leading to headache issues.

Rudraksha is effective against all type of issues related to mind. Headaches are eased after wearing rudraksha beads. You can try wearing three beads of 4 mukhi rudraksha beads. Otherwise you can apply for rudraksha recommendation and find out the best rudraksha beads suitable for your bitterness.
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I have migraine issue. I get frequent head aches.

I suddenly get head ache and can not control the pain that i get.

I have been searching some alternative healing and came across this thread.

will i wear 5 mukhi for removing headache.
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Headache is mostly caused because of constant mental strain that you may have taken previously.

All rudraksha related to sun are helpful to remove headache issues.

As for example, 1 mukhi rudraksha is good for removing headache issue.

You can also wear 12 mukhi rudraksha for headache issues.

All rudraksha beads that you are wearing needs to be first done initial puja and chanting before wearing.