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Does Rudraksha beads really works for health and prosperity ?

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I read few articles on rudraksha and feel there are over discussion on the power of these beads. It is described as these beads with super powers and having disease curing benefits. So does these beads really have power to give health and prosperity.
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Rudraksha beads have both medicinal Value & Biomedical Properties. as per our own  Ayurveda system, The wearer can get positive effect on heart and nerve after wearing rudraksha. Also it has positive effect on nerve. It relieves stress  and anxiety. The lack of concentration is totally removed from the wearer. It has super anti aging effect.

The rudraksha beads have electromagnetic and inductive power. Patients with more blood pressure issues have reported to find benefit immediately after wearing rudraksha.
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I think it is difficult to exactly know the benefits of rudraksha beads clearly. We need to wear to know it's power possibly.
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Rudraksha has positive vibrations which bring positive thinking to the wearer. With a clean mind and positive thinking, the health issues related are cured.
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We do have claimed benefits of rudraksha and also the proved benefits of rudraksha.

Rudraksha is used for many Ayurveda treating. For mental diseases, for asthma, For hypertension, also for arthritis and liver ailments. The fruits are used for all such above type of diseases currently.
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And we can also choose rudraksha for health benefits. Based on different bead properties, we have listed out the diseases for which different beads can be used. Please have a look on the Rudraksha health benefits.
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hallo  raghav

The above question is far too many times the questions in the mind of wearer/buyer. We need to remember that testing Rudraksha is a tough job and involves a series of tests. Just one simple test can not verify that the Rudraksha bead is genuine and effective.
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I find that the 15 mukhi and the 19 mukhi rudraksha benefits spread the part of wellbeing. The 15 mukhi rudraksha seed assists with physical wellbeing while the 19 mukhi rudrkahsa seed assists with your otherworldly wellbeing and prosperity.
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Rudraksha is great to keep sound measles. Useful for insight: The piece is great to improve memory control. 4 Mukhi Rudraksha is a great idea to improve memory and insight. Successful in skin infections: It is useful in treating skin sicknesses, wounds, wounds, skin disturbsnce and irritation .
For acquiring wealth one should wear 6 mukhi along with 8 and 13 mukhi.
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Yea, Rudraksha beads helps in improvement of health and also provides prosperity if you wear Rudraksha with full faith, and maintains its rituals.