Saturday, January 16, 2021 4:45:39 AM

Where to buy rudraksha beads ?

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Please let me know if i can find any good reputable shops from where i can buy the rudraksha beads.

Are these are found on US ? Means are the rudraksha beads grow in US ?
I heard 4 - 6 beads are available in plenty amount. But i inquired some few places here, It seems most of the people do not have any idea on getting these beads here.

I heard that these beads grown in Indonesia and Nepal and mostly in India.
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You are right Raghav. Rudraksha are found in Nepal and Himalayan regions. There is another variety of rudraksha which are found in Java. Also there are beads found in Srilanka and south India region which are different in quality and look from those available in Himalayan region and Nepal region.
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We have found that there are also some good suppliers available within Usa who supply good rudraksha beads. The beads used to be very costly there. But if u want to know the originality and quality of the beads bought there, please check and verify it before buying.
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I have bought some rudraksha from different vendors in Mumbai. I had bought few rudraksha beads in a mala from rudraksha ratna shop. They have a good shop and sell good number of beads. I too bought some rudraksha beads mala and chandan mala from ommrudraksha. They sell good rudraksha beads with different way of selling practice.
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We always feel rudraksha should be brought from the trusted source only. There are many good beads supplier out there. And with time they have been able to bring trust with their customers.