Tuesday, August 11, 2020 6:15:56 AM

Where to buy rudraksha beads in USA ?

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Where i can find a trusted and more reliable supplier of rudraksha beads in USA. As far as i know, rudraksha beads are grown only in Himalayan regions or in Indonesia regions. But i currently stay in USA and would like to know the trusted supplier here so that i can order from them.
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Currently Ommrudraksha do not have any physical presence in USA. We have free shipping to USA for all orders of value above 75 USD.
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We have international courier facility for shipping the rudraksha products safely. Please refer our shipping page for more information on international shipping.
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And please be known of the policies that apply to your local international places which applies like custom and etc.
These things should be known prior to order from us as there may be additional cost that may have to be borne by the consignee.
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We find that there are many suppliers in USA itself who sell rudraksha beads. But these beads used to be very costly. Quality wise it needs to be verified before buying.
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Recently i had visited USA. There i was searching if i can find any good place to see the rudraksha beads. I was actually eager to know the quality that is available in USA. I was able to know from of my colleges that of a shop dealing with the beads. I saw that the collection of beads available with him were less because of the less demand that he gets from the local market for rudraksha. And price point of view, it is very very costly.
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The price in USA may be higher because there is the handling charges and shipping charges included. There are other care which needs to be taken and may be increasing the price significantly there.