Monday, June 21, 2021 12:44:52 AM

1 mukhi Indonesian + 5 mukhi Nepal Rudraksha

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Dear Friends,

I am wearing 1 mukhi Indonesian + 5 mukhi Nepal Rudraksha in neck. Recently one relative suggested me that I should not wear EVEN number of Rudraksha.

Please suggest whether EVEN number cannot be worn. Also if 1 mukhi + 5 mukhi is a good combination.

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Hi, You should wear beads in odd combination.

     "The way we should wear rudraksha rules" - We can use our understanding on mala wearing therapy to make best out of it.

    Rudraksha can be worn in odd numbers. For any mala that we are wearing, is supposed to have odd number of total beads with that. So you can add one extra 5 mukhi to the mala.

    Yes you can definitely wear the 1 mukhi and 5 mukhi combination.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Yes old and even rules are because of the number of beads rule in a mala. Any number of beads can be worn in a mala. But when we are supposed to measure it's power, old number of beads make the mala better.