Monday, June 21, 2021 1:05:13 AM

Keeping Multiple Redraksha

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Is keeping different beads together and using them are okie..? (ex: 8face, 9face, 5face, etc)

For example, might take one as per current planetary positions; and second for another beneficial feature it has.

So, is keeping or wearing them together is fine.

Secondly, Is it such that once the dasha term is complete, the specific bead need to be left..? Or One can continue possessing it.

Please advice
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Beads of Nepal origin have good effect on our mind and psychology. All beads are having good effect and different type of effect on our mind and psychology.

Wearing different beads together is definitely acceptable as it will have no negative effect on the wearer.

While wearing 1 mukhi kaju dana rudraksha, which are actually not from Nepal but from India, care should be taken.

Other beads which are from Nepal, are safe to be worn together with other mukhi beads.

While wearing rudraksha, we can choose rudraksha based on planetary requirement or from the bead property selection.

The science or calculation used for selection of rudraksha can be astrological or numerology based. Rudraksha should be worn continuously irrespective of dasha. Choose rudraksha based on jataka overall - birth chart.

After few years, we can change few beads and wear new beads if we feel we do not feel the power that much. But remember we can recharge the power of rudraksha beads by chanting shiva panchakshari mantra.

Om Namah Shivaya
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There are different views on keeping the different faces together. I felt any combination works great. With any combination, more 5 mukhi works even better.