Monday, June 21, 2021 12:58:30 AM

Can i make mala with different combination of beads that i choose

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   I searched for different products on your website. I want to make a mala with 3 beads that i will choose. Please let me know if you can make a mala as per my need with them.

thanks and regards
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   You can buy any beads as per your choice, then you can email us on what type of mala that you expect to be made out of them. We will make as per your instruction and send. The mala making is free and we will be happy to help in making it.

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Hello all,

I am already wearing a combination of 8,12,13 mukhi rudraksha.

Now want to add some 5 mukhi indonesian beads to the mala. Let me know if this combination will be useful.
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5 mukhi will make a beautiful combination with the beads.  if you are using indonesian beads, then it will be a perfect match. Also choose the smaller 8 mm indonesian 5 mukhi rudraksha beads. and make it complete as a mala.

The bigger Nepali beads will be added to the center of the mala. 5 mukhi is for Jupiter that means to get peace and protection. So add it definitely to your said combination.
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Yes you can wear different mukhi rudraksha beads.there are some combinations of rudraksha have more benefits then single rudraksha so you must know about it.
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Indeed , there are a lot of blends including Siddha Mala and Indrakskshi Mala which have rudrakshas from 1 to 14 appearances and 1 to 21 faces separately including Ganesh rudraksha, Gaurishankar rudraksha and Trijuti rudraksha, Sawar and so on.

Numerous different mixes are there to support memory, assurance, riches and notoriety, profound development and instinct and so on.

So , without uncertainty each sort of blend is valuable and does not demonstrate destructive effects which is appeared in Gems whenever worn with ill-advised mixes. This is the magnificence of rudraksha.