Monday, June 21, 2021 12:39:20 AM

Want to buy 1 Face Rudraksha

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I need to buy genuine 1 face rudraksha. I am searching  for months. But im confused , which one is genuine!
I found that one website is is selling ek mukhi rudrakshas at comparatively lower price. But i doubt its genuineness.
Some sellers provide certificate and some others not. But those certificates may be fake. I  goggled certificate lab names and didn't find any one of them. Also, are these labs government recognized? Many sellers are selling large number of ek mukhi rudrakshas. How did they get so many rudrakshas. Since they are rare!
So please tell me genuine sellers to buy real ek mukhi Rudraksha.
i need to buy one ek mukhi rudraksha

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Dear Sir

    If we have doubt then generally we go to any shop. Rudraksha shop people will be able to show you the difference that is making the beads price varying. There are properties of the rudraksha that makes the difference. The weight, the shape, the seller spirituality and selling practice all make sense.

    The ek mukhi chandrakar is available more. But not the ek mukhi round one. round ek mukhi will be very rare.

    And the problem is because we want to see it online. With demand there are different type of seller suiting the different type of demand from buyers.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Hi, There are different quality in the ek mukhi rudraksha. Some quality rudraksha that the good seller do not keep or sell. But with the online selling, the discarded such rudraksha are sold by few others. But there are less sellers online who are selling low quality ek mukhi rudraksha.

    Without any doubt and with proper faith buy from the good sellers. It is difficult to tell exactly all properties that is making the bead quality different. You can come to rudraksha shop in Bangalore and talk with us directly.

Har Har Mahadev
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Thank you for responding to my query..:)