Monday, June 21, 2021 12:01:22 AM

Rudrakshas that help one with Brahmacharya?

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As all the learned men know, Brahmacharya Palan  is the biggest challenge that a spiritual aspirant faces.

Would like to know which Rudraksha/Rudraksha mala is the most effective in helping one maintain his Brahmacharya.

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Dear Sir

    Rudraksha definitely helps in keeping celibacy. It is very much capable enough in bringing determination and will power to keep celibacy. 4 mukhi, 7 mukhi, 12 mukhi, 6 mukhi are particularly helpful for celibacy.

   A rudraksha mala with 17 beads of 4 mukhi, 17 beads of 6 mukhi, 17 beads of 5 mukhi and one 7 mukhi can be worn for better celibacy.

   Any combination and any number of beads can be used. Rudraksha will help to control and give power to control our thoughts. That does not mean it will force you to become. It helps to bring a positive thinking and good will power. That will power and positive thinking can be used to gain different things in life. And it can bring contentedness. The same power can further be used for keeping Celibacy.

    Celibacy is very much a spiritual term and requires the most determination and precaution. One is supposed to keep particular way of thinking like keeping away from certain food which can keep Tamas thoughts or can bring such thoughts. And we need to keep thoughts of particular things out of thinking also.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Thank you very much Himanshu Sir