13 mukhi Indonesia

13 mukhi Indonesian rudraksha bead - thirteen mukhi rudraksha from indonesia. 13 Mukhi Rudraksha/Thirteen Face Rudraksha is said to be replica of Cupid (Kaamdev). 13 mukhi rudraksha is found very rarely; hence only fortunate people can have this Rudraksha. This Rudraksha has thousands of benefits.
2,500.00 (INR)

Bead Origin: Indonesian
Bead Shape: Elongated Oval
Bead Length: 18mm to 20mmapprx.
Bead Width: 10.00mm apprx.
Bead Quality: Authenctic - Superfine and properly tested with xray.


Authenticity: we provide authenticity certificate with the bead.

Picture of actual product: The image shown is a representative image of the product.

Free Making: In Gold Plated Caps and Silver covered wire joined in Red/Black string.


Advantages of 13 Mukhi Rudraksha:

• It is said that when conjured the wearer gets the favors of Lord Kamdev and gets all conceivable sound delights of life and enables the holder to appreciate a sumptuous and an agreeable life.

• It is a great apparatus for businesspeople and experts in pulling in more customers towards them, for getting development, extension, rise, advancements, achieving more elevated amounts in their work chain of command.

• This Rudraksha is ideal for individuals who ought to have been at a specific dimension in their work however are much underneath it for different reasons and for individuals who have a dormant vocation yet anticipating development since quite a while. 13 mukhi Rudraksha encourages you to achieve the palatable dimension in life and builds your desire for progress.

• It is phenomenal for men/ladies who wish to improve Charisma, fascination, attraction, brightness, and advance and draw in right life accomplices.

• It is perfect for searchers of name and distinction and individuals having political desire. People who need enthusiasm could likewise wear a 13 mukhi Rudraksha.

Specialized Details of 13 Mukhi Rudraksha:

Diverse names of the Rudraksha: 13 mukhi Rudraksha/Terah mukhi Rudraksha/13 confronted Rudraksha/Kamdev Rudraksha

Breed: Indonesian

Species: Eleocarpus Granitrus Roxb.

Avg. Measure: 18mm– 25mm

Shape: Roundish oval

Quality: Authentic - Superfine

Critical Vedic and Astrological Associations of 13 Mukhi Rudraksha:

Image of: Lord Kamdev (the master of wants and solaces)

Administering Planet: Venus/Shukra, diminishes the malefic and builds the benefic impacts of planet Venus/Shukra.

Start Wearing on: Monday

Seed Mantra: Om Hreem Namaha

Custom before wearing: Rudra Abhishek

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