When i will be contacted | I placed an order at ommrudraksha

How long should I wait for ommrudraksha to contact me?


when will i be contacted


If you don't have your order email being sent to you then, you can:

  1. Click the My Ommrudraksha (My Account link) button at the top of the menu bar.

  2. Click the “orders” tab on the list of tabs.

  3. Click the item that you are interested in. Please check if the item payment status is as expected. Otherwise please call our staff. Please see contact us page for more details.

Tip: Remember, we always keep regular business hours, and sometimes do not respond to emails during the evening, on weekends, on holidays, and so on.

If you cannot contact us by email after you have purchased an item, or you still have not received a response within a reasonable time that you expect to be replied then, you should call us with our contact information and give a immediate call. Our staff on receiving the telephone call can help clarify.

When you request the information through email, it will be sent directly to the official support email address. Your contact information at the same time needs to be correct in your registered account data. Be sure that your information on record is correct. In order to obtain this information you need to log in and see your personal data.

Note: Ommrudraksha's Contact Information Policy requires that all customers have updated contact information on record with us at all times. If you request the product order status please contact us.