Shani Dahsa Remedy Mala - 1

Rudraksha is very effective to neutralize the bad effect of Shani graha. Wear rudraksha for Shani Dasha and mala for luck & health.
4,599.99 (INR)

Importance of Shani dasha remedy mala

  • Will help to neutralize the effect of shani dasha on the karaka.
  • Helps to remove the difficulties of sever health issues, court cases etc.
  • Removes unknown diseases and obstacles caused because of Shani Dasha.

Who should wear Shani dasha remedy mala

  • Those who are running Shani Maha dasha or bad position of Shani in their birth chart.
  • Those who are having unknown diseases & accidents, court cases etc.

Astrological benefits for shani dasha remedy mala

  • Removes or neutralizes the bad effect of Shani graha issues.


  • Read more on Shani dasha or mahadasha issues and the remedies by clicking on the link.

Configuration of Shani dasha nivaran mala

  • One Rudraksha mala containing 5 rudraksha beads (8mukhi+7mukhi+7mukhi+6mukhi+4mukhi)to be worn as mala on neck.
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