All about Rudraksha Tree, flower and fruit Benefit, Importance

rudraksha tree

Rudraksha tree

          Rudraksha trees are large evergreen trees. Nearly 360 species of rudraksha trees are found in different parts of the world. These trees are available in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Thailand, Japan, South China, Philippines, Northern Australia, and Malaysia.

          “Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb” Is the scientific name for the most popular species of rudraksha trees. It was named by Dr. William Roxburgh. This variety matches to the given specifications as found in our epic books which are old enough. This popular species is found in Nepal and Indonesia in more concentration. Nepal and Indonesia are places for the organized plantations of this popular species called rudraksha.

          Elaeocarpus -> This scientific name was taken from Greek words. Elaei – Wild olive, Carpus – fruit. Rudraksha is named differently in different languages across India. Rudraksha – in Sanskrit & Marathi languages. Rudrakshi as in Kannada language. Aakkam as in Tamil language.

          Rudraksha trees are seen to be growing between 10-32 meters tall. The trunks of rudraksha tree are nearly 1 meter wide. Trees are grey in color. The wood from these trees are used for making furniture. Also used for cooking fuel purpose.

rudraksha tree

Rudraksha leaves

          Rudraksha tree bear leaves which look similar to leaves of mango tree. The leaves are as usual green in color. Rudraksha leaves also fall and new leaves re-grow as happens usually with every tree. The leaves are found to be having well anti bacterial property. So these leaves are used for treating wounds. Very particularly the leaves are used for treating headache, mental disorders, epilepsy, and migraine.

rudraksha leaves

Rudraksha flowers

          Rudraksha flowers are found with length nearly 15 cm. These grow in bunches. These are white in color. During nov-dev the flower bunches come on rudraksha tree. During jan-feb rudraksha fruits come on tree.

rudraksha flower

Rudraksha fruit

          Rudraksha fruits come in winter season. Starting from mid-Jan fruits are seen on rudraksha tree. These fruits are shaped like berries. These fruits are green in color and nearly 3cm in diameter. After ripening the fruits become blue in color. Size of rudraksha fruit depends upon the locality. Nepal fruits are bigger than Indonesian rudraksha fruit. These fruits fall down after ripening, on its own.

          The fruit outer skin has many medical values. Boiled fruit water is used to treat fever, cold, or cough. The outer part of the fruit is fleshy. From the fruits there exist rudraksha beads inside.

rudraksha fruit