Power Of Rudraksha - Benefits And Influence

power of rudraksha

 Power and benefit of rudraksha

          All ancient purans like Devi Puran, Siva Puran, Padma puran describe rudraksha as powerful and divine. They compare rudraksha with none other than the supreme god. They all openly accept rudraksha as the most powerful thing on earth.

          The power of rudraksha can be felt just by seeing it. It has that much power that it can give divine presence to any animal. Then how much benefit human can get from it ! 

          Rudraksha is a gem and most precious one on earth. If one gets it or wears it then he gets free from the death and birth cycle. It can bring supreme holyness within the wearer. Wearer is blessed with Health, Wealth and every other thing required on this earth.

 Rudaksha has beneficial effect on human

Rudraksha effect on human         

          Scientifically it is found that rudraksha calms down the nervous system activity. It brings a calm feeling within the wearer. It brings calmness immediately when touched. On prolonged wearing of this bead in thread or as mala, it brings sivatwa to the wearer. It gives mokhsha or nirvana to the wearer. It also brings happiness feeling and spiritual thoughts within. 

         These are the descriptions that the purans talk about rudraksha. All that is praised is this "Rudraksha Bead". The powerful and precious gem on earth.