Lapis Lazuli Gemstone benefits and properties

Since ancient times, the stunning deep Blue Lapis Lazuli stone has been gaining popularity as a semi-precious gemstone. It stands out thanks to its opaque royal dark gemstone's Golden and Brown specks. The well-known stone represents wisdom, inner consciousness, and truth. The name Lapis comes from the Latin language, where Lapis denotes "stone," and Lazuli is the Medieval Latin word "Lazulum," which was derived from the Arabic word "Lazaward," which denotes the stone's blue hue. It is referred to as Rajavarta in Hindi. Before the invention of modern paint, the ultramarine blue that can be found in many traditional paintings was created using the long-known Blue Lapis Lazuli pigment. Remarkable Lapis Lazuli benefits have led people to appreciate lapis lazuli's healing abilities throughout history. The natural lapis lazuli gemstone can be treated to create a smooth surface, uniform blue colour, and durability.

Lapis Lazuli stone

Lapis can be carved into jewellery, boxes, mosaics, ornaments, miniature statues, and vases, and it polishes beautifully. Lapis can be used to create interior furnishings and architectural accents.

The material that makes up this gemstone is an aluminium silicate with traces of calcite and pyrite. The hardness ranges from 5 to 5.5 Mohs. The majority of it is found in Afghanistan, although it is also produced in Chile, Canada, Russia, the United States, Argentina, and Pakistan. Natural lapis lazuli is still used as a polish for boxes, vases, and jewellery because of its fame for brilliance.

While the ancient Egyptians interpreted it as a representation of the night sky, the Sumerians thought that the stone contained the essence of their gods. Lapis lazuli has been linked to power and bravery, monarchy and knowledge, intelligence and truth since the dawn of time.

Historically, the raw lapis lazuli gemstone was found in Afghanistan, and kings from Egypt to Siberia and even the Mughal Empire were great admirers of it. It was a treasured component in many works of art and architecture, including the Taj Mahal. Lapiz Lazuli continues to be highly valued in India. According to the Book of Exodus, the Lapiz Lazuli stone was one of the stones that graced the High Priest Aron's breastplate. The Lapiz Lazuli gemstone was thought to provide protection in the afterlife by the ancient Egyptians, who held this belief. They used lapis lazuli to make jewellery, totemic items, god statues, and burial masks. Powdered blue lapis lazuli was also used in ancient Egypt.

lapis lazuli gemstone

Even after holding it in your hand for a long, genuine lapis lazuli will still feel chilly to the touch. If you hold imitations in your hand, imitations made of plastic will never feel as chilly, while imitations made of glass will warm up rapidly. The authenticity of the artwork can also be determined by touching it with acetone.

Lapis Lazuli amulets, Blue Lapis stone pendants, Lapis Bracelets, Lapis Lazuli necklaces, and many other ornaments were once used as ancient jewellery in Egypt. Since ancient times, lapis stones have been regarded as a protective stone that offers protection from Heaven since the lapis lazuli gemstone was thought to be a stone of Heaven. Lapis stone is referred to in the Bible as sapphire.

The gemstone lapis lazuli is ruled by Jupiter according to Vedic astrology. Raj Yog is given by the greatest planet, which also causes consciousness to expand (kingly luck and abundance). Jupiter is the Guru or teacher and has great astrological and spiritual power. You are given great wisdom, riches, success, and fame if you are born under the right zodiac sign and house. When in a bad situation, it brings illnesses, bad luck, enmity, and professional losses. One may use Lapis Lazuli healing crystals as jewellery, such as bracelets, rings, etc., to calm the negative affects of Jupiter.


The lapis birthstone is for September-born people. As a lucky stone and to benefit from various properties of the Lapis Lazuli stone, which is a part of the Lapis Lazuli stone meaning, September-born men and women joyfully wear natural lapis lazuli birthstone jewellery, including Men's Lapis Lazuli Bracelets and other authentic Lapiz Lazuli jewellery.

As the lapis lazuli gemstone is available in blue, greenish-blue to purple, and deep purple, it is a colour variation of the royal stone with the same metaphysical and healing characteristics.

It is said that blue lapis lazuli is the 9th anniversary stone.

A raw lapis lazuli gem might be mistaken for a sodalite gem due to their startling visual resemblance. Although they are both minerals, it might be difficult to tell Sodalite Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli apart. Despite the fact that Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite both include white inclusions, the major distinction between the two is that Sodalite lacks the bright Pyrite inclusion that is present in Lapis Lazuli stone. When purchasing lapis lazuli, one must take caution to avoid purchasing a sodalite gem.

These stones work on the Throat Chakra, allowing the wearer to communicate clearly and fearlessly while feeling free to express themselves.

The lapis lazuli stone is a wonderful tool for connecting with one's higher self, which facilitates exploration of one's inner nature and promotes self-awareness.

It is beneficial for persons who are normally aggressive. It soothes them and gives them the insight to handle all situations in life. Natural lapis lazuli is a stone of discernment and fairness, and it encourages these qualities while supporting the user. Some of the priceless gifts of lapis lazuli include brilliant ideas, learning new things, greater knowledge, and a passion for learning. It offers protection to the wearer, including defence against psychic assaults. The benefits of lapis stone include bringing peace to relationships, and it is a superb stone for friendship.

It also lessens uncertainty and anxiety while improving focus and concentration, making it a great stone for students and anyone with attention deficit disorders. Physical characteristics of blue lapis lazuli include the ability to treat issues with the throat and voice chords.

Additionally, it is reported to reduce blood pressure, lessen vertigo, balance the thyroid gland, and be beneficial in relieving migraine headaches. Because of its inherent ability to strengthen psychic skills, the lapis lazuli gemstone is prized by healers, priests, clairvoyants, and psychic mediums.

Wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet can improve inner vision, which in turn improves cognition, perception, and other aspects of perception. A benefit of Lapis Lazuli stone is that wearing or keeping it at work opens opportunities to promotion, recognition, and celebrity.