How To Buy an Item

How do I buy an item on ommrudraksha ?
You can shop for almost anything on ommrudraksha. Get started using these steps: 
1.Find the desired item.
Navigate through the products. Click on the product categories listed on right hand side. It will list all products under that list category. Otherwise enter keywords into the search box located at the search page.
2.Learn about the item you found.
First read the item description carefully. If you have any questions about the item, you can find answers by going through other documents or from the forum. You can ask questions or your doubts from the contact us page. Alternatively you can ask questions on your forum.
3.Review the product before taking decission.
View the product by looking at pictures or feedbacks. You can also find the product comments on the indivisual products. Please read the comments left by previous buyers and be sure that your choice is proper.
4.Buy It Now.
Check the item page and see the "add to cart" button. You can purchase it instantly using "add to cart". Remember, all purchases are valid for shipment only if your payment is successful. If you click "add to cart" button, you’re obligated to our rules and can complete the transaction to get the item successfully considered as bought.
5.Pay for the item you selected.
After you bought the item, Complete your payment online or through other payment options available. For paying by the electronic payment methods offered by us, click the Pay Now button.

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