Cancelling an order

how can i cancel order


I purchased an item but no longer want to purchase it. What should I do?


A purchase is a commitment to buy on ommrudraksha is considered, you're obligated to purchase the item.


     Some buyers are willing to return the product. It is possible to return the product only under the certain circumstances. Please communicate with us openly and honestly. If you have not done so already, you may want to request on the contact us page with all order information and give the mobile a call. Explain your situation, and see if the product is not yet made ready for you. In such a situations it is very easy to cancel the product order and return the money back to your account.


    If you do not get the response that you expected, you have purchased and it can only be returned with certain terms and conditions that fits to our policy. Remember, if can make the item product to cancel state from ommrudraksha product order page ( login to your account and see the product order page).In some cases, limits may be placed on your account in advance.