How to identify real original ruby

Identify Ruby representing royality 

Ruby is a hard gem, not possible to scratch
Ruby is a hard gem. It is a gemstone representing royalty and wisdom. It can test the originality of the stone simply by following some easy tests.

Follow following tips which can help to identify the original ruby


1. Few flaws is accepted in ruby because it's very difficult to get ruby without any flaws so if u are getting a totally flawless ruby then this may be indicates it may be fake or made of glass
2. As ruby is a hard gem, so it is impossible to get scratches. If u try to scratch it with any sharp or hard object, still it is difficult to do it.
3. If u find any glass bobbles inside the stone that may be artificial glass made stone. Ruby generally do not have glass bubbles within.
4. In case u are not able to separate real from the fake, that means you are having still doubt on it's originality, then it is recommend to do the lab x-ray test through any learned gemologist or govt approved laboratory.
5. By seeing through a bright light, genuine ruby will reflect red and blue light. If green and yellow reflection is there then the stone may be fake or substitute kind (like garnet,tourmaline).
original ruby
By using above simple techniques or tips, you can ensure that the stone is real or genuine ruby.