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Getting Started

buying at ommrudraksha
Welcome to Ommrudraksha! It is always easy to learn what you should know to make your first purchase at ommrudraksha.

Step 1: Register
User Registration is completely free and very simple. Please Register now, or learn more on registering.
Step 2: Find items
You can search items by browsing or searching the products from the search page.
  • Browse our pages when you’re not sure what you’re looking, or when you just want to explore the range. To browse, click on a category in the right category column.
  • Search when you’re looking for a specific item that you can describe. To search, enter a few words which describe the item in the Search box on search page.
Step 3: Consider buying different categories
There are numerous ways to buy items on ommrudraksha . Some buying items include rudraksha beads or other fashionable items on ommrudraksha. We have different categories of products to choose from. .
Step 4: Consider payment methods
Every indivisual have different unique choices of payment. We accept different payment methods. Carefully read an item description before you buy.You can make instant online payments using your credit / debit card or online bank transfer.
Step 5: Use My ommrudraksha (optional)
My ommrudraksha allows you to track all of your buying activities from one page. You can also keep track of all your products being bought, the shipping status and also the tracking number. You can customize your way to use website with your personal settings.