Genuine Pearl gemstone - Qualities and properties

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Genuine Pearl- Quality & Property

Genuine Pearl

         These days we generally find the Oyester pearl for gemstone wearing. These pearls are found in the shell of the Oyester. Many suggest that the pearl in the shell of the oyester is because of the rain water that has come with the influence of svati Nakshatra. These good and glowing white pearls are actually brilliant white in color. The surface is smooth and generally in globular size. The surface of the pearl seems to have circular water shape. The pearl gives a white glow which easily attracts to eye. The high quality such pearl are used as gemstone for Moon.

         One is really fortunate enough to find genuine and proper pearl which gives the wearer with intelligence and blessings of good fortune. Prosperity in the life is easily achieved by such people. Fame and fortune are blessed in balanced to the wearer.

There are certain qualities that we see in a genuine pearl. A genuine pearl have the below properties

         - Attractive looking because of the proper reflection which looks brilliant.
         - No Dents should be found on the stone. The impurities also should not be visible.
         - Properly round in shape is the quality of the genuine and powerful pearl gemstone.
         - Should look like moon with glowing white color.
         - The surface of the stone should be smooth and attractive.

         We also should be aware of the qualities of the pearls with flaws. This makes easy to know which gemstone will be good to wear and which ones to avoid. Now a days with new techlogies where defective pearls can be made to look perfect, there are difficulty in knowing the defective ones with flaws.

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