Budha Dasha Remedy Mala - 1

Rudraksha is very effective to neutralize the bad effect of Budha graha dasha. Wear rudraksha for mercury dasha issues giving you more luck and health benefits.
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Importance of Budha dasha remedy mala

  • Will help to neutralize the effect of Mercury/budha dasha.
  • Bad effect of mercury dasha are eased.

Who should wear Budha dasha remedy mala

  • Those who are running Budha Maha dasha or bad position of Budha in their birth chart.

Astrological benefits for Budha dasha remedy mala

  • Removes or neutralizes the bad effect of Budha graha issues.


  • Read more on Budha dasha or mahadasha issues and the remedies by clicking on the link.

Configuration of Budha dasha nivaran mala

  • One Rudraksha mala containing 5 rudraksha beads to be worn as mala on neck.
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