4mm rudraksha mala

Four millimeter Rudraksha beads with 108 number of beads for making this small beautiful mala. Suitable to use for japa or rosary.
1,099.99 (INR)

Benefits of wearing 4mm 5 mukhi indonesia Rudraksha mala

Pancha mukhi is for protection. Peace and happiness comes to the wearer.

Unnatural death is avoided by wearing pancha mukhi rudraksha.

This mala gives all benefits that the 5 mukhi rudraksha will give.

As the mala contains 108 number of Indonesia beads, so the power of the beads are enhanced and the wearer feels better effect by wearing this mala.

How this mala is made ?

The mala is made with 108 number of beads.

Each bead is of Indonesia orignin.

The diiameter of each bead will be nearly 4 mm.

The face of each bead will be 5 mukhi.

Each bead are properly cleaned and then made mala with proper cotton thread with one knot between each bead.

The length of the mala becomes 12.5 inch when hung from neck. This size is perfect to be able to easily wear and remove from neck directly.

The size of the mala when kept as a single line on straigtht line will be 25 inch approximately.

Proper way of mantra recitation and pooja after making rudraksha is done as per the vedic description.

The mala is properly energized and mantra chanting done before despatching.

108 number of small size rudraksha beads ( 4mm size) strung together to make this nice looking mala. Small and beautiful. Useful to use as a rosary to be worn around neck or to be used as a japa mala.

Number of beads = 108 + 1 beads

Size of bead = 4 mm size each bead

Length of mala = 7.5 inch without knots. 12.5 inch each side when hung and when these are processed as described in "How this mala is made" above.