20 mukhi rudraksha

20 mukhi rudraksha is best for Curing Diabetics, blindness & deafness by controlling all planets.
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Twenty mukhi rudraksha from Nepal Origin

How to test and choose this bead

Closely look at the Rudraksha and examine whether the contours and corns are natural and whether there are no cracks along the mukhis. An original Rudraksha bead will have well defined mukhis, which means the lines that run from one end to other are well defined.The Rudraksha beads are obtained from Nepal and Java. The Nepal beads are different in appearance and size as compared to the Java beads.Check if the beads are lustrous, healthy and do not have any insect holes. Put the Rudraksha bead inside a glass of warm water for some time, remove the bead and check whether the water is clean and does not have any germs. Allow the Rudraksha bead to dry and later wear it according to the process mentioned above. Examine whether the bead is still solid and does not have any glued or disjoint mukhis. Look closely if the bead has any tiny holes or damage. If the bees mukhi Rudraksha passes the above test, it is original. Look closely whether the lines on the body of the Rudraksha run from one end to the other without breaking. Check whether the bead is tempered or not. The Nepal beads are bigger in size and the mukhi lines run like deep grooves on the surface. The Java beads are small and solid in appearance and have mukhi lines in form of white threads on the surface. Both varieties are rare and much sought after. Due to larger surface area, the Nepal beads work faster. But as you wear regularly on body, the long term effect of both varieties is similar.The Rudraksha from Nepal as well as from Java, Indonesia emit electromagnetic vibrations which influence our body energy centers viz Chakras and bring back harmony and order, in wearer’s life.

How to be worn 

Before wearing the original 20 mukhi Rudraksha energize it. In order to energise the Rudraksha bead get up early on a Monday morning, clean the area where you are going to sit and do japa. Bathe and wear clean clothes. Now sit facing the puja alter of your house in the East direction. With a focused mind chant the Mantra "Om Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Brahmane Namah" 108 times. Now apply sandalwood paste kumkum and wear the Rudraksha.

Importance of 20 mukhi rudraksha

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