18 mukhi rudraksha

Helps for getting healthy child, removes chances of abortions with ladies, success in all new work or project ventures.
140,000.99 (INR)

Importance of 18 mukhi rudraksha

Represents Prithvi ( the earth ). Brings all wealth possible to the wearer. Removes all diseases from the wearer. Very effective for new business ventures, new project work. For success in any type of work. Gives power to meditate and concentrate effectively. Females get relief if they are facing abortions often. Mata Bhumi owns this eighteen face bead. Mother earth blesses with prosperity, health and wealth. When one wants to get more health, wear this bead. Business prosperity increases multi fold.

Can be worn as one piece in the mala.


Health benefit 18 mukhi rudraksha

As per puran it may benefit in cases of problem of abortions in women. Begetting/Upbringing healthy child. Affects liver and womb part of the body. Some websites / purana refer of the health improvement from the beads. We do not make such types of claim. The details are only for reference purpose.


Who should wear eighteen mukhi rudraksha

Those making changes in their business. Those taking up new projects or task. Ladies getting more abortions. Children facing major health issues. For safety of children.




Om Hleem Shreem Kleem Saum Aim Hreem.
Om Hreem Shreem Basudevaya Swaha.
Om Namah Shivaya.
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.



Size: nearly 25 to 30 mm