14 mukhi rudraksha

Increases power of eight chakras. Improves intuitive thinking. Helps in gynecological problem cure. Helps to judge people in better and in effective manner. Protects from all calamities miseries and worries
26,999.99 (INR)

Importance of 14 mukhi rudraksha

14 mukhi rudraksha is the most precious divine thing. Known to have been directly produced from the eye of rudra. Controls the ajna chakra (between 2 eyebrows). Improves visualization power on wearing on ajna chakra. Protects the wearer and helps to make correct judgment in their action/plan. Wearer purifies the ancestors and forefathers. Helps to improve the present, corrects the past, and makes the future positive and foreseen. Helps in increasing power of eight chakras. Improves intuitive thinking. Corrects stammering. Helps in gynecological problems. Helps to judge people in better, effective manner. Worn for better future sight, visualization power, meditation. Protects from all calamities, miseries, worries. Provides safety and riches. Chauda face bead brings the fearless mind within us.
Brings devotion and bhakti. Dedication feeling and samarpana thoughts becomes stronger.

Size: 25mm / 26 mm
Mantra: OM NAMAH.


Who should wear fourteen mukhi rudraksha

Very helpful for speculative business like share trading etc. Very helpful for HR people, People in import export business.
Can be worn on forehead.


Astrological view

14 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic effect of Saturn.
Effect of Saturn diseases occurring suddenly without any cause, hopelessness, impotency, cold, delay in achievement, long lasting diseases, scarcity, worry, obstruction.

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