10 mukhi rudraksha

Removes vastu dosha and conceiving problem eased. Also solves court cases, disputes and acts of enemity. Helps in unstable mind and anxiety.
4,599.99 (INR)
Importance of 10 mukhi rudraksha bead

- Eliminates sufferings caused by all planets.
- Protects from black magic, evil eye, jealousy, untimely death.
- Removes fear of ghost, fear like someone is behind you. Removes vastu dosha (directional problems).
- Helpful in solving court cases, disputes and acts of enemy.
- Represents lord vishnu and brings vaishnavaite.
- Worn for conceiving also.
- Brings a sense of security.
Diseases cured by 10 mukhi rudraksha bead
- Insomnia (unable to sleep), conceiving problem, hearing disease, fearful
- 10 mukhi rudraksha controls heart of body.
Who should wear
- Those suffering from insomnia(inability to sleep), unstable mind, anxiety.
- Those who need direction in profession and life.
- Who have court cases and land disputes and need peace.
Astrological view
- 10 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of all planets.
- Krishna bhagwan owns this bead.
- Provides eternal piece and happiness to the wearer.
- It is a real protective shield to the wearer.
- Court issues or land disputes - Gives peace.
- Pacifying all the planets in one's birth chart.

Size: 22-25 mm
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