Ruby Mozambique 3.26 Carat

Rs. 9,780.00
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Ruby Mozambique 3.26 Carat
Rs. 9,780.00

This Fine Ruby is of shiny variety with high lucidity and brightness. The blazing or fiery Ruby is a stone of royal values and is thought of as the most great. In old times, It was considered to outperform any remaining valuable gemstones. Ruby has forever been worn for energy, initiative characteristics, inspiration and overflow. Ruby is accepted to advance all in abundance. It has been related with dependability, honor and sympathy. Ruby is governed via planet Sun and invigorates Solar Plexus chakra and advances freedom, name and popularity.

The Madagascar Mozambique ruby gemstone is famous all over the planet for its fine and rich quality. With its captivating rich tone and unmistakable shape and cut. Ruby reestablishes Vitality, further develop visual power, and corrects blood flow in the body. Individuals experiencing lack of vitamin D can likewise profit from wearing ruby stone in a copper or Panchdhatu ring.

Quite a while in the past, the ruby was named the King of Gems, as a result of its serious color and characteristics. Rubies are said to represent the sun and can give energy and imperativeness when worn as well as further develop royal qualities. These are related with love and worn as wedding stones since the beginning of time. Ruby set in ring/pendant/arm band as per Gemstone Therapy gives advantageous outcomes and mollifies malefic impacts of Sun and improves the constructive outcomes. It could be worn by the people who have Sun malefic in their chart as well as by the people who have Sun benefic. An individual who wishes to have force of order, name, notoriety and achievement might utilize this gemstone. Read More on Ruby

Quality: Flawless, untreated, regular, un heated, premium
Shine: High
Variety: Pinkish Red
Shape: Oval Mixed Cut
Origin: Mozambique
Aspect: approx. mm
Cost per carat: Rs 3000
Weight: 3.26 Carat

Laboratory Certificate will be given.

Wear on ring finger just for full outcomes. On the other hand wear this as wristband/pendant.

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