Sidha mala gold (Nepali)

Rs. 280,000.00
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Sidha mala gold (Nepali)
Rs. 280,000.00

Siddha Rudraksha mala include alternative styles and designs. The current product has a twenty eight bead combination siddha mala which we have found to be very enthusiastic, powerful in addition to effective on the end enthusiasts struggling with worn it.

What exactly is siddha mala ?

Put together mala containing all different kinds of rudraksha beads adhering to the the sastra. As per sastra the beads extracted from 1 face to 14 face are be effective as one combination mala. There are actually alternative large number of beads that will make the entire range of beads to 28 pieces. As per the sastra, the siddha mala happens to be the top-notch admired rudraksha mala combo which gives all possible benefits and angels related to rudraksha combination at any point possible.

Configuration of siddha rudraksha mala

The mala contains a total number of 28 Nepal origin beads. The individual bead counts are as below
1 mukhi - 1 nos
2 mukhi - 3 nos
3 mukhi - 3 nos
4 mukhi - 3 nos
5 mukhi - 3 nos
6 mukhi - 3 nos
7 mukhi - 3 nos
8 mukhi - 1 nos
9 mukhi - 1 nos
10 mukhi - 1 nos
11 mukhi - 1 nos
12 mukhi - 1 nos
13 mukhi - 1 nos
14 mukhi - 1 nos
Ganesh mukhi - 1 nos
Gauri sankar mukhi - 1 nos

52 number of small spacer beads of small rudraksha beads and pure white sandalwood beads used at neck wearing place for easy and better wear feeling. The half moon 1 mukhi bead is used as the meru bead. There is certain described sequence ( as per source of shrimad devi bhagabatam ) of beads which needs to be kept note while preparing the mala.

Total length of the mala is :

Description on use and benefits of siddha mala

It is definitely one of the rare effective healing mala adorned to receive blessing and direction in life. It has been proficient at fulfilling pretty much all strives as well as wishes considering the wearer who want to obtain all the life. Also wipes out many of the tough situations that the wearer could possibly have associated with health and other stuff in everyday life. Provides a great deal of relating to positive energy which actually transforms right into all great success in life. All the necessary beads combo brings the right blessings of lord Shiva to the wearer making him Shiva himself ( i.e. presenting him all blessings possible beginning with the lord itself ). The curing energy of the bead combination makes the seven chakras clean and soft. The movement of strength in one's whole body get all blockages healed progressively. Transformation of thought comes about soon in addition to contentedness provides another blessing. All of the planets of zodiac viewpoint get their relief to such a person sporting the mala and the obstacles from wrong opportunities are slowly healed. The curing of seven chakras is most important in which understand it provides an issue in which varying aspects of the human body going harmonic.

Why to wear siddha mala ?

The purpose of wearing is to get a smooth and happy life where the person can actually feel the positive energy flowing within himself as well as in all work and spheres of life. For all such people who want to get spiritual and want to lead a peaceful and successful life. For those who want to get prosperity and earn a leading life in the society. And Also for self healing and curing many of the diseases including those incurable ones. For all who want the right direction in life and get guru.

How to wear the mala !

It would be good to be worn around neckline as a mala which touches your skin directly. With regards to easy wearing the neckline part of the mala can be made along with small smooth pieces. Various other rules of wearing might be observed for better advantages. You can have it stored at puja place as well as worshiped with regards to extensive blessings and optimistic charisma.

Source from old books and purans

Padma purana and Akshamalikopanishad clearly tells about wearing all beads ( 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi + ganesh and gauri sankar ) which gives his blessings and he resides directly in such a combination bringing the energy flow to the wearer directly. Also the purans tell the mantras reside within such a mala completely and in whole being.

Rules while making siddha mala

We follow all Sastra described way to make such a spiritual mala. We also do all possible puja and mantra japam for the beads for bringing the true energy of the beads live. Be assured of good and perfect mala for the life from us.

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