Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

For pretty much every Rudraksha purchaser the Rudraksha Authenticity/Guarantee declaration implies a ton as this purported "Credibility/Guarantee endorsement fulfills and anchors the customer. Ommrudraksha might want to convey to your notice and uncover the shrouded actualities behind this alleged Authenticity/Guarantee testament given for each buy of Rudraksha by different famous sellers.

You should have most normally observed that a "Legitimacy/Guarantee testament" is accommodated each Rudraksha acquired from different sites or sellers.We might want to make an inquiry "have you at any point given a thought that does the Authenticity/Guarantee endorsement gave hold any esteem?"

For your insight and security we might want to disclose to you this supposed Authenticity/Guarantee declaration is of no incentive at all as it isn't given by any administration endorsed laboratory. The "Realness/Guarantee Certificate" is issued by the organization itself under their own letter head and marked by their own delegate. According to the law an authentication doesn't hold any esteem except if it is marked or affirmed by an administration specialist or except if the expert is given to the organization by the legislature.

In this way, in the event that you simply set up your considerations together you would understand that an Authenticity/Guarantee authentication can be given by any seller even to a phony Rudraksha and you can't make a move, consequently this supposed assurance testament holds no esteem and is only a bit of good quality self celebrated paper which is being utilized to take you in certainty and further push you to purchase from the merchant, further it is only an advertising stunt. You could never know the validness of your Rudraksha just with the assistance of the purported "Credibility/Guarantee testament".
In fact with an assurance authentication gave you would trust that even the phony Rudraksha gave to you is real. Being one of the most seasoned Rudraksha firms in the market we have seen surely understood merchants likewise depending on move "alleged Rudrakshas" under the help of "supposed Authenticity/Guarantee testament.

On the off chance that you don't trust us you can just ask the merchant giving an Authenticity/Guarantee endorsement whether the equivalent is affirmed by government affirmed lab or not and probably the appropriate response you would get is "No" or might be some other curved answer.

In fact you are doing only including to or accidentally promising the misbehavior followed in the surge of Rudraksha.
We at ommrudraksha don't have faith in giving an Authenticity/Guarantee testament rather we go to the extraordinary and say that on the off chance that you question us you may not purchase from us. Let us additionally convey to your notice that we are the main firm who has uncovered the reality of this supposed "Genuineness/Guarantee endorsement".

We have likewise clarified each and every conceivable trial of realness and different data and actualities on our site for our regarded customers and per users so they are not reliant on anybody and don't get duped by anybody effortlessly. Regardless of whether this doesn't fulfill you we demand that you don't purchase from us and purchase from merchants giving assurance authentication yet in any way we will never pursue the pattern of issuing a Bogus certification testament.

We at Ommrudraksha Provide you authentic Xray film and proper xray certificate which identifies the real inside. Also it explores if the beads are artificially filled to make it heavy, if there are loose joints, if it has proper number of inside compartments or are handmade/added. It is not 100% foolproof, but atleast gives us 80% surety

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