Properties and Gemstone for Mercury
properties of Mercury


Gemstone for Mercury-Emerald

          Mercury has mercurial nature. That means the power and nature of mercury changes based on the position that it takes on birth chart. According the the position and placement within a astro sign, the benefits/power/nature is accordingly. Mercury is the nearest to sun and because of that it has 88 days as a full mercury year. It goes round the sun faster and hence is regarded as restless. The nature of mercury is "Changing".

           So Mercury is representing the changes, the fickle nature and the restless thinking. This is the smallest planet and is seen as the most bright planet in sky during evening and morning. When it stays with the aggressive mars it tends to bring nervousness and excitement. That makes the person feel insecure.

          Speech and self confidence are the most that mercury brings. So also the Mathematics and astrology. Self confidence, education, intelligence, humor are it's powers and it affects them. Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. It has always the nature to bring the extremity in things.

          The color that mercury likes is the green. He is rajasik in nature. Mercury is the merchant. He likes the humor and knowledge. It gives independent tendencies and brings the worldly detachment on the run. Idea and Independent thinking and work is more to say.

          Mercury is not seen good in the Cancer sign. Cancer is well placed for planet Moon. And moon is having enmity with mercury.

Gemstone for Mercury

           Emerald is the gemstone which mercury likes. And the effect of emerald has many both on our psychological and physical benefits. It should be worn with silver of gold metal.

- About Emerald gemstone
- Identification of real emerald
- Who can wear Defective Emerald


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Gemstone for Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire

gemstone for Jupiter

Gemstone for Jupiter - The Yellow Sapphire

          Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati in Sanskrit. He is a huge person or virat purusha. He is a teacher and he is also very huge. So he is called BrihaSpati. In different Purana, the birth details and the properties and characteristics of Brihaspati is described. Brihaspati samhita, Skanda Purana, rig Veda etc describe many details about Brihaspati.

    Jupiter is satwik in nature. He is very beneficial planet. It brings prosperity to the house it is associated with if favorable. He gives name, fame, success and good relationship. In astrology, Brihaspati rules over spiritualism, wealth, philosophy and religious matters.

    The color that Jupiter is Yellow. He also likes yellow color. Thursday is Jupiter day. He stays in north east direction and also rules that direction. He illuminates self. He looks good and has a belly.

    Jupiter falls in Capricorn and gets exalted in cancer. Pisces and Sagittarius are Jupiter's favorable positions. Jupiter rules over relationship and determines the marriage and the relationships there after. Many body parts are rules with Jupiter like liver, blood circulation, arteries etc.

   If Jupiter is malefic, then diseases of swelling, catarrh, arthritis, jaundice etc may occur.

The gemstone for Jupiter

          Yellow sapphire is the chosen gem stone for Jupiter. By wearing this gemstone one can ease the bad effect of Jupiter and also enhances the good benefits that he can get from him. Yellow color ( light yellow colored ) Yellow sapphire is the most chosen one for getting all the benefits from Jupiter. Jupiter gives Dharma, artha, moksha and Kama. He is able to fulfill everything for a person. Wear good yellow sapphire on Thursday along with his prayers and Mantra japam or chanting to get all benefits from him. Below read more on yellow sapphire and the way or wearing and identifying the right one.

- How to identify real yellow sapphire
- Properties of good quality Yellow sapphire
- Different classes of Yellow sapphire
- How to worship and wear yellow sapphire.




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Ganesh puja celebration offer

Ganesh puja

Lets Celebrate this Ganesha puja festival, the special day, when we all are worshipping the prosperity god. Let us bring rudraksha on this special day with lots of prosperity along with. The ganesh festival, also known as Ganeshotsav celebrated for the Lord Shiva son. Even Indian at UK celebrate Ganesha chaturthi with reverence. Lets celebrate it with rudraksha.

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Ganesha puja offer
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Rudraksha wearing rules

rudraksha wearing rules

Rudraksha Wearing Rules

  • All Rudraksha beads being sent are energized with proper puja and mantra. All puja offering is already done before being shipped.
  • Wear it on any auspicious day before 7 AM after bath.
  • Do not touch Rudraksha beads more with finger tips.
  • Do not exchange Rudraksha to others.
  • Do not give your Rudraksha to others for wearing.
  • Chant "Omm Namah Shivaya" 27 times before wearing. *
  • Remove mala before going to  sleep. *
  • Remove mala when taking non-veg food if possible.
  • Remove mala while doing shaving or similar work.
  • Don't keep Rudraksha on ground or on sleeping bed or below the pillow.
  • Clean Rudraksha regularly and apply some oil if required.
  • For re-energization, chant "Om Namah Shivaya" 27 or 108 times. *
  • Keep sanctity of the beads and it will work better. 


    * variations to this rule present but in special conditions.

silver mala bracelet Rudraksha japa Mala

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Independence day special celebration

Independence day

Lets Celebrate this special occasion, the Independence day, marking the 65th year of our Independence and the building of our great nation, with the new offer.

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Independence day special
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The most special Rudraksha

special rudraksha

The most special Rudraksha

     We see a lot of rudrakshas offering on the shivalingam. And the symbol of Rudraksha the tears of lord Shiva. If we try to understand the true meaning of this then we feel it means "to get the highest consciousness". In Shivapurana it is said "Whoever wears rudrakshas on both hands, on the head - no materialistic weapon can kill. Non-Materials can not harm the physical body.". Mostly yogis around Himalayas always wear many numbers of Rudraksha beads. As it is protective so they wear it on the hands and also on the head.

     We have various kinds of Rudraksha. It starts from one-face or ek-mukha of Rudraksha also known as the king of Rudraksha. As the name suggests, it is truly the king of all the rudrakshas. We have two-face or do-face which is representing both Shiva and Shakti, the Rudraksha meant for couple or relationship. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara are combined represented by three-face or teen-mukha Rudraksha. And so the Rudraksha types goes on. Shivapurana describes that "There exists totally 27 kinds of Rudraksha beads".

     According to the holy Shivapurana, the top most special rudraksha is the twenty-seven-face or shataish-mukha Rudraksha. It is noted in history to have appeared only one time during Lord Rama's time. Shiva had given 27 mukhi bead to Ravana as he wanted to have immortality and desire fulfillment. When Lord Rama killed Ravana, the 27 faced bead slipped deep inside the earth. And no one was able to see that from there.

most special rudraksha

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Yoga and Patanjali


Yoga and Patanjali's philosophy with it

           He is a religious guru and is the scientist. He is a true scientist of religious world as no one else has been seen being compared to him. He has written sutras of ways of achievement. The sutras are all his own views on the famous word "YOGA". He has written rare sutras which gives much value to the way we need to understand yoga in our daily life.

           Patanajali told " Yoga is the controlling of waves of the mind coming from thought". Pancha thought process are Proper/right knowledge, wrong doing/ wrong knowledge, verbal delusion, sleep and memory.  Yoga is a process to make daily observance to the consciousness of self. Yoga word means "Union". The union of the self with the god. yoga is for restricting the mind fluctuations or in another way of wording - for self attains.  And the restrictions are by means of practice, continuations of life with one thought. The approach to concentration can be a mix of worldly or spiritual.



          Patanjali always speaks about purusha, the one that are we. He followed sankhya philosophy. Patanjali's instruction to control the thought waves is a way to completely transform self to be more calm and controlling the senses continuously through out life. He believes that the individual purusha can be completely isolated from the prakriti. His attitudes are scientific in describing different ways of doing meditation and the result that we get from it. He refers to true faith which keeps on growing with time.



" For the sake of that self alone, Does the seen world Exist"

" In that self is the unsurpassed source of Omniscience "

" From that practice arises the attainment of inward directed consciousness and also the obstacles to success disappear "

           There is not much known about Patanjali. And there is statements like there are two Patanjalis (1) one who written the sutras (2) two who written the yogabhasya. Patanjali yoga sutras are nearly 2500 years old.


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Sun in Astrology

sun in astrology

The sun is at the center of the solar system and is a star. It looks perfectly circular and is a plasma sphere. It is nearly 109 times bigger than that of earth. It is also called the hydrogen start where 99% + are made of hydrogen. It is the most important energy in astrological system.

Sun is the light that comes from withing, The thing that is behind all system. The energy source within each cell of living being. It symbols the universal life force.

It represents the spirit and soul. It is the consciousness within us. It also represents our power and strength, our ruling power, our gurus and our energy and spiritualism. Represents the self.

Those having good position of sun in their kundali, they tend to have good vitality and also have good vision and authority in their world. They need good recognition and acknowledgement from others. They have command and have authority power. They get attention and they bring the personality out when in authority.

Good sun position helps for healthy life and good power energy of the body. The planet governs the vital parts of the body which is head. It controls head, bone structure, constitution / digestion, voice   right eye for males ( left for females ).

With weak sun there comes heart problem, bone problems, BP, baldness, weak immune system, headache, weak eye sight.

Sun the father of the planets rules the kundali and bestows with all good blessings to the right person.


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Rudraksha Test : How to test rudraksha

Rudraksha Test: How to test Rudraksha

So How can we find the rudraksha to be original ? How we can use the genuine rudraksha for our use ? How can we discard fake beads from choosing ? Rudraksha is holy and the powers of it give many benefits to the wearer. It is the blessings of Lord Shiva.

How can we find the original Rudraksha?

The above question is far too many times the questions in the mind of wearer/buyer. We need to remember that testing Rudraksha is a tough job and involves a series of tests. Just one simple test can not verify that the Rudraksha bead is genuine and effective.


Testing with Milk:

milk test of rudrakshaWe can put one Rudraksha in a glass with milk in it. Then we can observer the milk after 1-2 days. The milk does not get spoiled with Rudraksha. Sometimes some good quality Rudraksha can keep milk intact for longer time.


Testing with Reiki master:

We can take Rudraksha to someone who is good in reiki and have been a regular practitioner. We can give the bead to the person to feel its power by keeping it within his palms. He can feel the power and can tell how much more vibrations that certain bead gives compared to other beads.


Testing the weight of the bead:

Many ripe beads naturally sink in water. But there are cases where the ripe beads may not sink. Now days it is seen more beads are not sinking properly within water. This may be because of early harvesting of the beads.


Copper coin:

copper coinMany tested that it works and works nice. We tested that all living beads (beads have some plant life) rotate to some extent in copper coin. It is a wrong way of testing Rudraksha and most of the times people actually sell low quality of fake Rudraksha by making tests with it.


Observance of the bead:

magnifying glassSometimes it feels much better to see the beads closer to find if it can be found fake or not. We can look at the bead closer or better with a magnifying glass to see the natural lines through the beads.


Cut test:

The cutting of the beads is ultimate way to test the beads for their genuineness. It is a difficult test. Please read more on cut test of Rudraksha.


More information on rudraksha testing

- Rudraksha genuine testing

- Our commitment for best rudraksha

- Genuine Rudraksha


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Cure for Incurable diseases | Vrigu sanhita

Cure for Incurable diseases | Vrigu sanhita

Many diseases are created because of imbalance in baat, pitta, and kapha proper in human body. So all diseases created because of this are able to be cured by taking medicine. But there are many diseases which are caused by karma or the Work of the person. These types of diseases cannot be cured just by taking medicine from good doctors too. These are to be cured by the use of astrological experiences.

disease cure with vrigu
Saint Vrigu was once asked by saint Bharat as “There are certain diseases which never get cured by continuous medicine. Why does this happen like this?” Saint Vrigu has clearly mentioned there that these diseases are related to individual's wrong work and should be treated with astrological way of curing.

Cough and Arthritis disease cure

- Need to make donation of cows.
- Chanting of Vishnu Sahashra Name
- Food and dress for Brahmins

If we do all above with proper care and devotion then the disease can be cured.

Batta and Pitta related disease cure

- Make one Vishnu statue (small size) and do all worshiping ( 16 rules )
- Bedding, Dress, Food to be donated to a most suitable knowledgeable Brahmin.

By doing all above this disease can be cured.

For wife and father being always disease ridden

- Durga worshiping and Maha Mrityunjaya mantra chanting.
- Donation of cows, dress along with shiva Chalisha is helpful.
- 100 Chandi puja ( sata chandi pooja ) helps to cure diseases of wife.
- Maha mrityunjaya mantra is for all such purpose and helps a lot.

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