Results of palmistry along with the Vedic birth chart for timely marriage

Results of palmistry along with the Vedic birth chart  for timely marriage

Consider the results of both for late marriage

But if one considers the results of palmistry along with the Vedic birth chart results it give many things to understand. Following notes are some astrological views on marriage.

marriage celebration
  • If Saturn (Shani) is in 7th house and been on a higher zodiac then marital delay happens.
  • If the lord of the 7th house is in 6th, 8th and 12th house and other disputed planets are looking at marriage house i.e. 7th house then marital delay happens.
  • If Rahu and Mercury (Mangal) are in 7th house and the Venus (Sukra) is weak in the chart then delay in marriage happens.
  • If Saturn’s (Sani) eye is on 7th house along with Jupiter (Bruhaspati) and lord of the 7th house are in lower zodiac positions, then also marital delay occurs.
  • If in the chart the lagna Moon (Chandra) and Sun (Surya) are not well positioned then also marriage delay occurs.
  • Rahu and Venus (Sukra) are in the house of lagna and Mercury (Mangal) is in 7th house then also marriage delay occurs.
  • In the birth chart Saturn (Shani) and Mercury (Mangal) both comes in Lagna, 7th house, 12th house. And if lord of 12th house and 7th house lord weaken then problem in marriage arise.
  • Even if the lord of 8th house is present in the 5th house makes the difficulties in marriage.
  • If Rahu and moon (Chandra) positioned in 7th house and Venus (Sukra), Jupiter (Bruhaspati) are weak in the birth chart makes the delay in marriage.

By Himanshu Nayak

Palmistry solution for timely marriage

Palmistry solution for timely marriage

Every hand has a marriage line
Late marriage - Palmistry - Introduction
In palmistry many palmist have studied and put forwarded their opinions as “Every hand has a marriage line “. Some of them will find a clear, long line and some of them will find it in three or four broken lines and even some of them also unclear. The lines which are equally broad, clear and parallel then that man may face many disharmonious situations and get pain in before and after marriage life.
Sayings in Palmistry
There are certain sayings in palmistry regarding the age of marriage. Those are classified in three different parts as follows
    • If marriage line is clearly visible below the little finger then you may get married in between the age of 16 years to 21 years.
    • If the marriage line is in the middle then you may get married in between the age of 21 years to 29 years.
    • If the marriage line is above that then marriage accomplished at the age of 30 to 35 years.
Palmistry says regarding marriage
There is certain things one need to know what palmistry says regarding marriage
    • How to Identify marriage from palm readings:-

      1. If the marriage line is in suns area and it merged in suns line then marriage is happens in a higher heritage house or family.
      2. If marriage line cuts or crosses the sun line then you may get harmed in your reputation and get involved in controversy.
      3. If any small or long line crosses marriage line then they face many disturbances for marriage and marriage may get halt.
      4. If marriage line breaks into two parts then marriage proposals break and life hampered.
      5. If you find many marks on the marriage line then also loss occurs in marital life.
      6. If the marriage line is bent towards middle finger then marriage never happens.
      7. If at the ending of marriage line two lines come out of marriage line then divorce and court cases may come in your life.
      8. If the marriage line is merged with heart line at its ending then many obstacles and hurdles come before marriage and delay the marriage.
      9. If the marriage line is clear without any marks on it and the lines are bent towards other lines then that person may do a love marriage. 

By Himanshu Nayak

Vedic astrology solution for timely marriage

Vedic solution for timely marriage

Search for a suitable dreamed life partner
Getting Married - Introduction
Getting married is a major difficulty in the Current era. Lot of pain, enormous search are resulted in vain in search for a suitable dreamed life partner. It is the major standing problem now a day’s both for boys and girls. A small piece of misunderstanding or miscommunication or misappropriations ends with a hope for getting married.
hindu marriage
An Analysis
So many aspiring grooms and brides cross the proper age in a hope for marriage and they are compulsorily making a delayed marriage. Unemployment is also a reason for a delayed marriage. Where we try to help people in getting employment through some of our excellence of Rudraksha centric solutions (Put a link for interview success and other). Even after accomplishing a good job for the livelihood the beauty of getting a suitable life partner get delayed due to unmatched hot favourite candidates of boys or girls. Even one tired off with before marital interviews to get tied. Our ancient Vedic astrology and many pundits have studied the elements of such disturbances and researched on the reason for delayed marriage to provide a suitable direction or a way or a visible horizon for a successful, peaceful and a harmonious marriage life. The married path followed through our guidance has many stories of happy couples to narrate.
Suggestions - Astrology
 But for the enlightens of your knowledge we will try to put some light on the various difficulties of marriage in the eye of Vedic science, astrology and palmistry as follows
1. In the birth chart the 7th house is known as the “couple maker” or “house of marriage” or the “bond maker”.
2. Venus plays an important role for a smooth and wonderful marriage.
3. Before taking a final step it is required to take note of the position of Jupiter (Bruhaspati) and Venus (Sukra) along with the house of marriage i.e. 7th and 8th house.
4. In the hand below the little finger and inside the palm and in-betweens the heart line, the sharp and clear line is known as marriage line. If the line is not broken, it is clear in colour then the early timely peaceful marriage is held.
5. On the other hand a broken line indicates late marriage. 

By Himanshu Nayak

Mahakali aradhana or worship - Sadhana for realization


Worship Maa Mahakali
    KALI MAA IS THE SUPREME POWER AND WORSHIP OR Sadhana of Mahakali is very worth blessed. One who devote his mind and soul with pure heart, do Mahakali worshiping within prescribed road of performing puja then Maa Mahakali will adore you, bless you, put fortunes of put before you and will make your way clear, smooth and charmingly fortuned. 
    This puja is for them who are been troubled enough by enemies, not getting enough power to perform a big project, troubled by misfortunes of planets and so many to describe.
maa kali
    The answer is here that through mahakali sadhana one can realize and see how their enemies get defeated and surrender. The blessing of mahakali is so amazingly strong that devotee’s eyes sparkle with the power of Samohan sakti and face glows with glory. We are writing this for the benefits’ of devotees after long term shidhi and sadhana. This sadhana and worshiping of Mahakali is done mysteriously and secretly which can make the devotee untouchable owner of godly power.
    Before Mahakali sadhana one should understand its importance, inherent power, functions and guidelines then he can overcome from pain, planetary instabilities, problems and financial depreciation.
    The devotee should be very dedicated while performing this puja and should not be afraid while performing this puja. Mahakali destroyed the evil spirited Madhukaitav demon and brings end to many demons on the earth by taking the role of Chamunda(wearing many demon heads scull.). Only pure spiritual devotees of mahakali can get bleshed and their enemies are   destroyed and vanished.
    Mahakali stotra or mantra is chanted only in the darkest night of Amabasya. (If you hear the gigantic and fearsome laugh outside then you should not panic but patiently finish the jaap or chanting of mantra under the foots of Mahakali).
The mantra or sloka is described as follows-
Mantra- omm thring thring thring hling hling krang spotaya thring thring thring faaat !!
Many things get solved by chanting the above mantra.  Following things can be achieved by the sadhana of mahakali.
First Prayoga
This part can bring full power of youthfulness and beauty as Rusi munies or ancient priests have exercised, this has been written and guided. 
  1. First of all collect all the ingredients needed for the puja.
  2. Put the mahakali photo on a wooden stool.
  3. Rap the mahakali photo from all sides with red colour cloth.
  4. Worn the kali hakik mala on Mahakali photo.
  5. Draw the mahakali yantra by red color sindur on a cupper plate
  6. Do puja by pancha Prasad.
  7. After that take the hakik mala from the photo of mahakali and put this on mahakali yantra drawn on the cupper plate. 
  8. Put the cupper plate on a red cloth.
  9. Wear and put a 108 beads pure rudraksha mala in the neck. Then chant mahakali mantra (described above) by kali sidhi spatik mala for 108 times.
  10. After the worship of mahakali yantra chant mahakali mantra for 11 malas i.e 108* 11 times only at night and on darkest amabasya night.
  11. Do remember to put two ladoos (bhog) for puja in front of yantra from which one need to be thrown outside after samarpan of bhog and the other ladoo need to be taken by you.
 By doing this puja and sadhana devotee achieves financial strength,recovery from pain and suffering, and for most beauty.
 Do this prayoga for six days from Amabasya. After completion of all puja and sadhana throw the puja items in the flowing water in a river. 

By Himanshu Nayak

Guide Map for Rudraksha

Complete guide map to rudraksha      

Know about rudraksha
guide map rudraksha

          A complete guide map to know about rudraksha, the origin, the myth types of rudraksha. Wearing different rudraksha at same time. Becoming aware of fakes and other important tips. The document is published as pdf document and contains more information on

- What is rudraksha - Details on the definition for it and other details.

- Origin and Myths about Rudraksha - Details with the Mythological stories.

- The different types of Rudraksha - More on knowing what and which.

- Question on - Whether to wear different combinations of beads

- Fakes and the awareness about the fake beads.

- Some other very useful and important tips while wearing rudraksha.



hand pointing to rudraksha document

Guide Map to Rudraksha - PDF document






how to wear rudraksha



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Rudraksha analysis and relation to Life

Mind and life - better with rudraksha

Mind and life are not separated

Mind and life are not separated. Use Rudraksha for good connection between life and mind.

We need to know the benefits of Rudraksha for understanding the greatness of wearing it.
We are part of the God. Because of that we all are able to define the god.
Wearing rudraksha brings good connection between our mind and life. That makes us to know more about life and thus spiritual.
Wear Rudraksha and bring a change within you.
mind and life

By brajendra Nayak

Mars and gemstone for it - Coral
mars and coral gemstone

Mars and gemstone for it - Coral

          Mars is a fiercy planet. It is dry also. By profession Mars is the military chief for all the nine planets. So he is suitable god for War. Mars likes warrirors and the mind active like that. Mars like to have control over strength, courage and self confidence. It also controls the leadership qualities within one. Anger, cuts and influence by talking, arguments etc are abilities of Mars.

      Mars can make the person to have short temper. Also the argumenting characters are built with mars. It likes to bring law in proper way. Also it commands over order to bring the law into proper work. So mars brings the great administration power and strong determination.

      When mars is analysed from astrological point of view, then it is mostly considered to have negative effect. When mars affect the jataka, it brings the desires of the person to be too much type. Affected jataka also can have short way to success behaviour. Also they can have extra relationships outside of required bond.

      Our blood is controlled by this planet. So the body system which is built on muscle and bone marrow are controlled by mars.

      Mars affected people tend to be more active at times and become lazy at other times. They tend to bring a circle of friendship with their talk. They are seen talking more than they should be. Mars has good friendship with sun and jupiter. It behaves as most powerful when joined with moon. On jataka/ kundali, mars is most powerful when situated at the 10th position. This is because of the directional strength that he gets for him to be powerful enough.

      Mars is tamashik in his nature and behaviour. The people who are mars afflicted they get trouble from this planet which make them cruel particularly. Also makes them rough and ambition less thoughts and work. The success of life become less for these people. Also it brings harm physically to the person with wounds and diseses of stomach.

Coral is the Gemstone for mars

      Mars is red and hot in nature. It likes the red color too. Coral is the choosen gemstone which can bring good results for all such people who are mars afflicted or having weak mars. These people are advised to wear coral on Tuesday. As Tuesday is the day for mars, so this day can be considered for more prayer or austerity for more benefits from Mars. Coral is also known as prabal ( sanskrit )  and moonga in hindi language. Coral is found in sea bases which are created by isis nbiles insects. These insects make tree like structures with branches which look like that of antshill. Coral is found in the quiet sea water at depths which is from 20 feet to 900 feet or more.

 coralcoral gemstonecoral beads

- Red Coral

- Identify real coral

- Wearing and worshipping Red Coral


Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak



Properties and Gemstone for Mercury
properties of Mercury


Gemstone for Mercury-Emerald

          Mercury has mercurial nature. That means the power and nature of mercury changes based on the position that it takes on birth chart. According the the position and placement within a astro sign, the benefits/power/nature is accordingly. Mercury is the nearest to sun and because of that it has 88 days as a full mercury year. It goes round the sun faster and hence is regarded as restless. The nature of mercury is "Changing".

           So Mercury is representing the changes, the fickle nature and the restless thinking. This is the smallest planet and is seen as the most bright planet in sky during evening and morning. When it stays with the aggressive mars it tends to bring nervousness and excitement. That makes the person feel insecure.

          Speech and self confidence are the most that mercury brings. So also the Mathematics and astrology. Self confidence, education, intelligence, humor are it's powers and it affects them. Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. It has always the nature to bring the extremity in things.

          The color that mercury likes is the green. He is rajasik in nature. Mercury is the merchant. He likes the humor and knowledge. It gives independent tendencies and brings the worldly detachment on the run. Idea and Independent thinking and work is more to say.

          Mercury is not seen good in the Cancer sign. Cancer is well placed for planet Moon. And moon is having enmity with mercury.

Gemstone for Mercury

           Emerald is the gemstone which mercury likes. And the effect of emerald has many both on our psychological and physical benefits. It should be worn with silver of gold metal.

- About Emerald gemstone
- Identification of real emerald
- Who can wear Defective Emerald


Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak


Gemstone for Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire

gemstone for Jupiter

Gemstone for Jupiter - The Yellow Sapphire

          Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati in Sanskrit. He is a huge person or virat purusha. He is a teacher and he is also very huge. So he is called BrihaSpati. In different Purana, the birth details and the properties and characteristics of Brihaspati is described. Brihaspati samhita, Skanda Purana, rig Veda etc describe many details about Brihaspati.

    Jupiter is satwik in nature. He is very beneficial planet. It brings prosperity to the house it is associated with if favorable. He gives name, fame, success and good relationship. In astrology, Brihaspati rules over spiritualism, wealth, philosophy and religious matters.

    The color that Jupiter is Yellow. He also likes yellow color. Thursday is Jupiter day. He stays in north east direction and also rules that direction. He illuminates self. He looks good and has a belly.

    Jupiter falls in Capricorn and gets exalted in cancer. Pisces and Sagittarius are Jupiter's favorable positions. Jupiter rules over relationship and determines the marriage and the relationships there after. Many body parts are rules with Jupiter like liver, blood circulation, arteries etc.

   If Jupiter is malefic, then diseases of swelling, catarrh, arthritis, jaundice etc may occur.

The gemstone for Jupiter

          Yellow sapphire is the chosen gem stone for Jupiter. By wearing this gemstone one can ease the bad effect of Jupiter and also enhances the good benefits that he can get from him. Yellow color ( light yellow colored ) Yellow sapphire is the most chosen one for getting all the benefits from Jupiter. Jupiter gives Dharma, artha, moksha and Kama. He is able to fulfill everything for a person. Wear good yellow sapphire on Thursday along with his prayers and Mantra japam or chanting to get all benefits from him. Below read more on yellow sapphire and the way or wearing and identifying the right one.

- How to identify real yellow sapphire
- Properties of good quality Yellow sapphire
- Different classes of Yellow sapphire
- How to worship and wear yellow sapphire.




Rashmita Nayak By Rashmita Nayak



Ganesh puja celebration offer

Ganesh puja

Lets Celebrate this Ganesha puja festival, the special day, when we all are worshipping the prosperity god. Let us bring rudraksha on this special day with lots of prosperity along with. The ganesh festival, also known as Ganeshotsav celebrated for the Lord Shiva son. Even Indian at UK celebrate Ganesha chaturthi with reverence. Lets celebrate it with rudraksha.

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Ganesha puja offer
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