Mala Rosary

Mala or Rosary

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3mm bead silver mala

Silver mala made with 3mm Indonesia beads strung in pure silver wire with pair of circular silver capping for each rudraksha bead.
2,900.00 (INR) 2,599.99 (INR)

4 mukhi rudraksha mala

4 mukhi rudraksha mala is for getting creative mind and peace. Used for japam and self enhancement.
From 2,299.99 (INR)

4mm rudraksha mala

Four millimeter Rudraksha beads with 108 number of beads for making this small beautiful mala. Suitable to use for japa or rosary.
1,099.99 (INR)

5 mukhi guru mala

5 mukhi rudraksha mala along with white sandalwood bead spacers for easy wearing and good look. Guru mala
1,299.99 (INR)

5.5mm rudrakshas mala

5.5mm size rudraksha beads of small size beads strung together in 108 numbers to make this japa mala or rosary to be worn on neck.
749.99 (INR)

5mm rudraksha mala

Rudraksha mala with 108 number of beads of 5 mm small size rudraksha beads. Suitable to use for japa or chanting.
589.99 (INR)

6 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala

Best to bring success in professional and academic life. Brings the perfect health to achieve your goals. Represents the muscular strength and helpful in confidence building.
From 2,199.99 (INR)

6.5mm rudraksh mala

Best 6.5mm rudraksha beads for japa or rosary which is worn around neck. All beads of 6.5 mm size.
549.99 (INR)

6mm rudraksha mala

6mm size Rudraksha beads with 108 number making this beautiful mala. Much used for japam or mantra chanting.
599.99 (INR)

7 mukhi silver mala

7 mukhi 10 mm bead silver mala made of Indonesia beads of 10mm diameter strung nicely in silver caps and pure silver wire. Also known as Shani Rudraksha mala for Shani planet.
4,099.99 (INR)

7.5mm rudrakshi mala

108 beads of rudraksha beads(7.5mm size) strung to make this mala. Used as japa mala or as a rosary.
449.99 (INR)

7mm rudraksha mala

7mm Rudraksha mala having 108 beads of 7 mm small size rudraksha beads. Suitable for japa or chanting purpose. can be used as mala also.
499.99 (INR)

chikna mala one

Chikna mala contains beads from Indonesian origin and spatik beads and red sandalwood beads to make a beautiful fashionable mala.
899.99 (INR)

chikna mala two

Fashionable and slim mala made with spatik beads and indonesian rudraksha beads which are pancha mukhi or 5 mukhi.
999.99 (INR)

Indonesia rudraksha mala

Small Indonesian beads of rudraksha in 108 numbers strung to make beautiful rudraksha mala for wearing or for chanting purpose. The beads are smaller and varies from 3mm to 10mm size.
319.99 (INR)

Japa Mala 27+1 Nepal Beads

Rudraksha japa mala made with 27 beads of pancha mukhi rudraksha and one meru rudraksha. Properly made with the power and compactness of the mala in mind while making.
1,119.99 (INR)

Lotus seed mala

Lotus seed mala is for concentration power and for removing poverty. Best to get blessings for better prosperity and good money flow.
449.99 (INR)

Neckfit 5mukhi Rudraksha mala

5 mukhi Rudraksha beads of 21 numbers beautifully strung together in thread. Neck Fit style with 7 inch length when hung. Useful as necklace or while doing prayer.
1,299.99 (INR)

personal power mala

Rudraksha mala giving best personal power and confidence building power to engage in day to day business and leadership activities.
2,699.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for peace and progress

Rudraksha mala with selected rurdraksha beads of high quality such as this will give peace and calmness to the wearer along with new progress and lock possibilities.
3,999.99 (INR)