7 mukhi silver mala

7 mukhi 10 mm bead silver mala made of Indonesia beads of 10mm diameter strung nicely in silver caps and pure silver wire. Also known as Shani Rudraksha mala for Shani planet.
4,099.99 (INR)

Importance of 10mm 7 mukhi rudraksha mala made in silver

Size of each 7 mukhi rudraksha bead = 10mm diameter
Origin of each sapta mukhi bead is Indonesia.
Each bead is 7 mukhi indoensia rudraksh bead.
Each rudraksh bead has two fitting silver caps on each side. Silver caps are flower shaped and beautiful.
Mala is strung in pure Silver wire nicely.
The wearing of the mala brings brilliance and fashion to the wearer.
Mala have no "S" connector. If the mala is small to wear properly then one "S" cap is added as junction which can be used to open the mala and then close across neck.
The mala contains a total of 54 beads in total. One can choose 36 beads if one wishes.
We have used pure silver metal for making the mala. The beads are properly cleaned and washed before making the mala.
The Length of the mala is 20 inches for 54 beads mala. 30 inches for 81 beads mala. 40 inches for 108 beads mala.The sizes may vary slightly.

The weight of the Silver metal used for 54 beads mala is approximately 9 -  12 gm. For 108 beads mala the total weight of silver used will be nearly 20 gm. The amount mentioned here is approximately where in actual measurement the weight may come nearly the number mentioned.


Benefits of wearing 10 mm 7 mukhi rudraksha mala silver

7 mukhi is for Shani Bhagwan. Gives one free from obstacles and brings blessings from lord Krishna. Health and unknown health diseases are cured. Obstacles while doing any work is slowly minimized. By wearing 108 beads of rudraksha in the mala, the wearer feels more powerful.



When we keep the mala hung from one's neck then the mala of 54beads is nearly 40 inches. This is the length that is when the mala is kept as single line thread stretched. The calculation for 54 or other beads mala should be similar. The length calculation is similar to other mala with 108 or 54 or 27 beads.

The length of the mala when hung from one's neck will be half of the size given.

The "S" connector is provided only for the mala which are very small enough to be directly worn e.g. 54 beads mala. e.g. For 108 beads mala the length is much bigger so no need of adding the "S" connector.