3mm bead silver mala

Silver mala made with 3mm Indonesia beads strung in pure silver wire with pair of circular silver capping for each rudraksha bead.
2,900.00 (INR)
2,599.99 (INR)


Description on 3mm rudraksha bead mala in silver

> Size of each bead = 3mm

> Origin of each bead is Indonesia.

> Each bead is 5 mukhi indoensia rudraksha bead.

> Every rudraksh bead has two small silver caps and are strung in pure silver metal.

> Quality and look of the mala is very beautiful and attractive.

> Mala have one "S" connector for each wearing and removal.

> Number of beads can be selected by user ranging from 54 beads to 108 beads. Other sizes and configuration can be changed as per the customer requirement.

> The metal used is pure silver metal.

> The Length of the mala is 19 inches for 54 beads mala. 29 inches for 81 beads mala. 38.5 inches for 108 beads mala.

> The weight of the Silver metal used for 54 beads mala is approximately 9 gm. For 108 beads it is nearly 20 gm. The amount mentioned here is approximately where in actual measurement the weight may come nearly the number mentioned.

Benefits of Wearing 3mm Indonesia bead rudraksha mala

> 5 Mukhi is for protection and spirituality. It removes the negative feelings and brings the positiveness to the wearer.

> The health of the wearer keeps sound and proper with 5 mukhi.

> By wearing 108 beads of rudraksha in the mala, the wearer feels more powerful.

Length of the mala - how calculated and configuration

> 108 beads mala total length when kept straight as one line is 38.5 inch. the length may add upto 2 inch more. Thelength calculation is similar to other mala with 54 or 27 beads.

> The length of the mala when hung from neck will be half of the length specified.

> The "S" connector is provided only for the mala which are very small enough to be directly worn e.g. 54 beads mala. e.g. For 108 beads mala the length is much bigger so no need of adding the "S" connector.



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