6 mukhi rudraksha

Improves oratory skills Blesses with luxury, comfort, pleasure, Controls sexual diseases, mouth disease, urinary problem
74.99 (INR)

Importance of 6 mukhi rudraksha
- Refines wisdom, improves expression/will power.
- Improves oratory skills(can influence group of people)
- 6 mukhi rudraksha Purifies a person from serious sins. Wearer remains brave.
- Blesses with luxury, comfort, pleasure.
- Worn along with 4 mukhi for education excellence.
- 6 mukhi rudraksha helps in stammering problem(speech defect)
- Chhe face bead is owned by Sukra.
- Brings perfection and focus along with energy and confidence.
- Luck is felt within few days of wearing.

- Size: 20 mm - 22 mm

Disease cure by 6 mukhi rudraksha
- Controls sexual diseases, mouth disease, urinary problem, neck related, dropsy, Cancer, organ failure, kidney, neck, throat, indigestion, arthritis, eye, nerve/vein related,thyroid.
- Childless couple wear this along with 4 mukhi, gauri shankar.
Who should wear 6 mukhi rudraksha
- Students,artists,teachers,scientists(who use mental power and learning)
- Who wants to excel in speeches.
Astrological view
- Removes malefic of Mars/Venus.
- Effect of Mars/Venus - Diseases and problems involving genital organs, throat. Decrease in Sexual pleasure, love, musical talent, valor.
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