2 mukhi rudraksha

Unity is bestowed. Helps in singles getting married. Sexual health is increased. Relationships attains a new step with this.


Importance of 2 mukhi rudraksha
> 2 mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Ardhanareeshwar(god and goddess melt into each other)
> Frees wearer from sin of cow slaughter.
> Wearer gets many benefits which we get from yanjnas.
> Gives good family life, good relationships with others. Brings unity in family, friends etc.
> Helps in to get married.
> Gives happiness, spiritual gain, for begetting children.
> Wearer's family finds faith, reverence among themselves.
> Removes differences in opinion.
> Dow face bead is representing both shiva and parvati as Unity and harmony.
> Any relationship where two people are involved, this gives the perfection in relationship.
> Fear and emotional issues are removed immediately.
> Contentment and satisfaction is blessed.

> Size: 16 mm - 18 mm
> Mantra: OM NAMAH

Diseases cured by 2 mukhi rudraksha
> Memory loss, urinary bladder disease, lung and heart disease, left eye problem, leukemia, liver/breast problem.
> Controls heart of the body.
Who should wear 2 mukhi rudraksha
> Singles facing difficulty in getting partner. Those having relation problems within family or in work field etc.
> Childless couple can wear for begetting children. Those needing peaceful relationship, need more friends/friendship, better family life.
Astrological view
> 2 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of Moon.
> Effect of Moon - kidney, intestine, left eye problem. lack of harmony in relationships.
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