7 mukhi rudraksha

Sublimates enemies and their power, Gets increased attention from opposite sex impotency, increase of sperm, dumbness, paralysis, weakness
449.99 (INR)

Importance of 7 mukhi rudraksha

7 mukhi rudraksha bead offers several powers to the wearer. Wearer is not affected by any type of poisoning (as described). Removes sins resulting from theft, drug abuse, adultery. Wearer may get hidden treasure. Gets increased attention from opposite sex. Sublimates enemies and their power. Goddess Mahalakshmi is pleased with the wearer. Removes bad luck. Provides health and wealth. saat face bead is owned my Lakshmi. Opportunities and wealth is blessed immediately after wearing. Long standing miseries and issues are eased.

Size: 19 mm - 22 mm


Diseases cured by 7 mukhi rudraksha

7 mukhi rudraksha bead controls pain caused by arthritis. Effective in Muscular pain. Treats all kinds of sexual diseases (impotence). Leukemia, heart problems, throat disease. Stomach ache, impotency, increase of sperm, dumbness, paralysis, weakness.


Who should wear seven mukhi rudraksha

For all kind of people to gain wealth and prosperity. Very powerful against diseases of bone,arthritis pain.


Astrological view of ek mukhi rudraksha

7 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of Shani. Effect of shani/Rahu - Sudden fall in status, diseases of lungs, feet and skin, hydrocele, Diseases occurring suddenly without any cause, impotency, cold, obstruction, hopelessness, despair, delay in achievements, long time disease, scarcity, worry.


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